How to Use CBD Oils

CBD is becoming very popular, from things such as a weed pen to CBD oils. There are plenty of benefits, and plenty of research to suggest that CBD helps with anxiety, muscle aches, pain, and even some types of seizures. I personally add CBD oil to my regular e-juice for vaping & it has helped so much for my anxiety.

However, when it comes to how to use CBD oils, things aren’t that simple. Especially if you’re just starting out, you might find yourself confused and unsure of how to take CBD oils. Do you get a dab pen? Do you apply it to your skin?

Well, we’ll go through these, and a few other ways of using CBD oils. They’re all proven to be effective, and none of them is even remotely dangerous.


This is by far the most popular method, and it’s the one that allows you to feel the CBD’s effects quickly. By inhaling, the CBD goes straight into your lungs and bloodstream, and you feel it almost immediately. You have two options when it comes to inhaling, smoking and vaping.

Vaping is done using a dab pen, also known as a vaporizer pen. It’s a great alternative to smoking if you want the maximum effect but would like to avoid the smoke and its effects on your lungs and throat. You get a high concentration and you can easily control your dosage amounts, but keep in mind that the concentration might be more than you want.

If you’d rather opt for smoking, you’ll need what’s known as an “oil rig”. You’ll also find them under the name wax pen, but they’re pretty much the same thing. You have a “nail”, which is basically a chamber where you put a CBD oil concentrate. Then, you use a dabber, which is a small metal tool, to transfer the oil from the container to the oil rig. The result of this process is smoke, which you inhale and get CBD in your body. An alternative would be rolling a joint, but this also means that you’ll consume some THC, too. There are differences between CBD and THC, so make sure you know what you’re doing. The other downside is that smoking is harsh on the lungs and throat, something you may want to avoid. The concentration is also pretty high, but you can manage how much you consume pretty easily.

Sublingual (under the tongue)

The other option is getting CBD oil tinctures, and taking your CBD oil under your tongue. This is pretty simple. Just apply a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue, and hold it in your mouth for around 30 seconds. Then just swallow, and you’re done. If you use CBD oils this way, you have a discrete and effective method, and the effects are a feeling of well being and calm.

CBD oils
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This is a pretty easy way to do things, and it’s really easy to control how much you use. The effects are also pretty long-lasting. However, the results may vary from one person to the other, and it takes a bit of time for the effects to set in. Also, some tinctures may come with alcohol. If you’re trying to avoid this, you want oils that are made with vegetable glycerin.

Balms and topical application

If you’re looking for the easiest way to use CBD oils, this is it. Topical application means that you put in on your skin like you would with a balm or an ointment. You don’t need any special tools or any specific knowledge. All you’ll need is the dosage, and you just apply it to your skin. It’s very effective for sore muscles, acne, and migraines, and you can apply it directly to any sore areas.

While this is the easiest method, it’s also the one with the mildest effects, so you might need more CBD than with the other ways. And yes, the effects do come quickly, but they don’t last too long.


This is the last method we’ll discuss. Unlike THC edibles, which are known for psychoactive effects, you don’t get any of that with CBD edibles like CBD lollipops and gummy bears. You don’t even have to buy pre-made foods which have been CBD-infused, you can make them by yourself. Simple options include pasta or butter, but be careful of how much you put.

CBD gummy bears
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With edibles, you get the longest-lasting results. There’s basically an infinite amount of options when it comes to creating edibles, and it’s pretty discreet, too. However, it could take up to 4 hours for the effects to kick in. Many people make the mistake of eating too much, but before you eat some more, make sure you wait a few hours. Oh, and it’ll take you a while to get the dosage right – it does take some experimentation.


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  • Hey Jess!

    Topical application is definitely the easiest way of using CBD and the one with very mild effects. The most common and possibly the most effective method of taking CBD oil is sublingual, fast-acting and really powerful.

    Great article. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great article with a lot of good information about using CBD oil. Covering all the ways to use it allows people to choose the best methods for their needs.

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  • Thanks for sharing so useful information.
    I personally prefer to consume them using dab rigs


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