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Increasing Your Home’s Longevity: 6 Critical Components

If you want your home to stand out, you’ve got to make it uniquely you. However, we must remember that it’s not about style exclusively, but about substance as well. Ensuring that your home is built for longevity is critical. How can we increase the lifespan of our home effectively?

Increasing Your Home’s Longevity: 6 Critical Components

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Remove Trees Next to the Property

While they make the exterior look fantastic, roots could easily damage the foundations resulting in subsidence. It’s vital to remove the trees and their roots. 

Look for Signs of Leaks

Your home may suffer some underground water, and while a waterproofing company can help to protect the property from exterior water problems, you’ve got to check inside the property as well. If there are leaks coming from underground, for example, weeds growing on the driveways, it could potentially mean you need to dig up the concrete or soil to find the source of the leak. 

Getting Into the Maintenance Mindset

As with the aforementioned leak, if it takes a long time to find the root cause of something, this is partly due to the fact that we’re not in the right mindset to check for these problems. It is important to understand that homes can be prone to a variety of problems and ensuring that you know what to look for makes a massive difference. 

Renewing Your Roof

The roof is one of those things that is providing shelter for us, but we have to understand that to prolong the life of our home, we’ve got to use the right materials. When we look at the right types of roofs, there are common roof types that many people use, but the materials will make a big difference. The shape of the roof is going to have an impact on the property as a whole but the right materials can ensure that your home stays sufficiently protected for decades.

Ideally, we would be renewing our roofs every 20 to 30 years, but the right roofing materials for durability make a big difference. This is why people opt for asphalt shingles, but you may also want to think about environmentally friendly options like wood shingles, but slate or metal is durable and versatile in their respective ways. 

Regular Cleaning

It’s not just about the biggest aspects of the home that can impact its longevity but the little ones as well. Cleaning the property on a regular basis means that you will not be experiencing a build-up of bacteria, mold, or fungus. This can be such a little thing, but letting mold build up over time doesn’t just make for an unsightly property, but it can have adverse impacts on your health

Investing in Good Quality Workmanship

We are all trying to do things for cheap these days, however, if we want to have a healthy home that lasts we need good quality workmanship. There are many cowboy builders who don’t put enough effort into their work and make off with the cash. Using contractors that come recommended but are people who you feel are trustworthy is the missing ingredient to increasing your home’s longevity.

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