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Is There A Humane Way To Deal With Mice In Your Home?

Mice can do a lot of damage to your home and if you are dealing with an infestation, you could end up spending a lot of money on repairs after they have chewed through everything. As soon as you notice a mouse, you need to start taking steps to get rid of them. In fact, you should start before that and take preventative measures to stop them from entering the home in the first place. But if you’re an animal lover, you probably don’t like the idea of poison or deadly traps, so what can you do? Luckily, there are a lot of different ways to deal with a mouse infestation and there is no need to harm them. These are some of the best humane ways to deal with your mouse problem.

Is There A Humane Way To Deal With Mice In Your Home?

Smart Pest Control Systems

It seems like there’s a smart device for everything these days. We’ve got smart speakers, smart thermostats, smart fridges, and now smart pest control systems. These digital rodent control systems work by using sensors to monitor for any pest activity and then relay that information in real-time. A professional smart pest control company will constantly monitor the property and if they see any activity, they will come and deal with it. All of the traps that are used are non-lethal, so you don’t need to worry about hurting the mice. This is one of the best to give yourself peace of mind and make sure that your home is always pest free.

Mouse Proofing Your Home

Pest control systems that monitor the home are great for catching mice as soon as they get in, but you should also focus on stopping them from getting in to start with. Firstly, you should plug any small gaps around the home to reduce the number of possible entry points. If you’re trying to create a greener home, this is a good thing to do anyway because it will reduce your energy bills. You can use weather-stripping on doors and windows to close up any small gaps. A mouse can get in through a very small gap, so don’t leave anything uncovered. Keep your trash cans a good distance from the home too because they are likely to attract a lot of mice and other pests.

Use Mouse Repellent Smells

Mice have a strong sense of smell and there are certain smells that they really don’t like. Garlic and pepper, for example, will put mice off. You can soak some garlic and peppers in water overnight and then spray the mixture in areas where you think mice could be getting in. They also hate the smell of peppermint, so if you get some cotton wool and soak it with peppermint oil, this can be put around the home as a good deterrent. These are all completely natural substances that won’t do any harm to the mice, but they will help to scare them off.

There’s no need to kill the mice in your home to avoid an infestation. Instead, you can use these humane measures to get them out of the house without hurting them.

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  • Rodents like mice have the ability to feel a wide range of emotions and are as highly intelligent as dogs. They deserve our compassion and respect, so thank you for using this humane trapping method.

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