Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

As the weather is getting warmer, it’s essential to think of how the summer can affect our beloved pets. Dog owners are the first to be excited about the summer, as it’s the perfect opportunity to plan a day out with Fido. However, as a pet owner, you need to be careful about your choices. Indeed, every year, countless dogs are rushed to the vets for accidents that could (and should) have been avoided.

Therefore, let’s all be on the safe side and keep our dogs safe this summer with these simple tips.

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Keep them cool

If you’re planning a trip with your dog, you need to think of your pet as a small child. Just like kids, dogs don’t enjoy long journeys, especially because sitting in the car can be uncomfortable for them. Therefore, you need to make it a priority to put their comfort first. Ideally, you want to plan regular breaks. Every driver knows to plan breaks every couple of hours. When you travel with an animal, you may want to schedule breaks around every 60 minutes to enable your dog to cool down. Fit window shades to keep your pup cool in the car.

Remember the backyard’s danger

If you have a dog, the best thing you can do for your pet is to have a safe garden to explore. Beware, though! Having a backyard is no guarantee that it’s going to be safe. You want to protect your pet; therefore, you need to keep your eyes on the main summer risks. If you have a swimming pool in your garden, it’s best to invest in protective hard cover or glass fence panels that will keep your pet away from the water when you’re not around. You don’t want Fido to fall into the pool and exhaust himself swimming because he can’t get out again.

The second backyard danger that most people forget is your greenery. A lush garden filled with delicate flowers is a beautiful sight. But make sure to avoid poisonous plants such as Amaryllis, Ivy, and Milkweed. Ideally, you want to keep any potentially harmful plants out of the reach of young children and animals.

Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

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Don’t share your ice cream

Ice cream is so yummy in summer! But it’s not a treat you should share with Fido. Dogs shouldn’t eat ice cream as many dogs can’t digest milk. Lactose intolerance can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain in dogs. Additionally, sugary treats consumption will lead to weight gain for your pet. Even if the ice cream promises to be sugar-free, it could contain a sweetener that is toxic to dogs. If you want to treat your dog, puppy ice cream, plain yogurt, and fruit-based banana cream are great alternatives.

Welcome to summertime! Summer dress? Check! Sandals? Check! Suncream? Check! But don’t forget essential precautions to keep your pet safe too. Keeping your dog cool in summer is crucial. Remember to keep them in the shade during peak hours and help them stay fresh with plenty of water (and no sugary ice cream). Something you may not know: Dogs can get sunburned if they have short hair or lighter skin. So, it’s best to control how much time they spend in the garden. Make your garden dog-friendly by prohibiting dangerous areas and keeping a cozy spot in the shade for them.

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