Let’s Talk About Crazy Neighbors

So let’s talk about crazy neighbors. We’ve all had them at one point in our lives. Us? We’ve had them more than a few times – to the point that I wondered if we had an invisible sign over us reading “Crazies, please talk to us daily & about EVERYTHING, even if it is extremely TMI & I barely know you!”

Let's Talk About Crazy Neighbors

For real, what is up with some people feeling the need to have to tell me the most intimate deep dark secrets after literally JUST meeting me? If they really were looking for a friend, do you think that’s the way to go??

Our first real “crazy neighbor” was a young couple with 4 kids living behind us in a mobile home that was falling apart. It was on the same property as ours since we had the same landlord and our mobile home was brand new. Not even sure how they were able to live in that thing, to be honest. This girl would let her kids, ages ranging from about 1 – 8 years old, do anything and roam the property by themselves. Take note that we lived on a very busy highway where semis would constantly drive down. I was told a story by another “non-crazy” neighbor across the highway that she had to cross over the highway to get the kids away from the EDGE of the highway. When asked what they were doing, they said they were waiting for the ice cream man. The ice cream man doesn’t come there! She walked them back home, the mom said thanks with an annoyed voice  – towards the lady who just saved your kids from being hit by a semi!

This neighbor’s kids were brats, seriously. They would wander into our yard, taking any toys they wanted & “borrow” them. I can’t tell you how many times I looked out front window and the TODDLER was swinging on our swing set by their self  or playing in the sandbox. It was impossible for the mom to be able to see him from her place & why wouldn’t you ask us first anyway?? She asked me to babysit 3 of her kids a few times, and I did, but it was a battle for the payment & the last time I never got any. She never even supplied their food or anything. I just don’t get all.

We’ve had the neighbors who literally came over to cry about husbands who cheated while away for a few weeks for work, yet greet them at the door when they came home and lock themselves in for 2 days because they missed each other so much. What is that?? And you want me to act like nothing is wrong when I look at his face??

Rude kids who have no boundaries or respect. I could never in a million years act like that at someone’s house.  Toddlers who literally told me NO about everything and pitch a fit ALL. DAY. LONG. while acting like a little jerk to my toddler when I would babysit them. Never mind the fact that I was trying to homeschool my own kids and that “Oh, well you can school him too!”  Yet, I’m the bad person because I had to put your kid on a timeout chair & was told I was never watching their kid again when she asked how he was. THANK YOU!! I never disliked a toddler before in my life. This mom also had a HUGE crush on my hubs & didn’t hide it at all. Her boyfriend happened to work with my hubs & were good friends. I had just met them before they moved next door.

The new neighbors that moved in not long before we moved out of our last place were just downright rude. They were older than the hubs and I, had I don’t know how many people living in their house, and would have a blasting party 3-4 days a week. There were so many people that would show up that they would park in our freakin yard. When hubs said something to one of them after they pulled in, the guy looked at him like ‘whatever’ and started walking off. The hubs started walking towards him but the man of the house happened to walk out to see it & told the guy to move, so he did. Now, I don’t want to sound like an old lady yelling “Turn down that music!” but seriously, they had a nice system in their car & would park their car in the backyard and turn the bass up so our house was rattling, literally. The houses are so close there and 1 of the kids’s bedroom was right there next to the porch they partied on. Imagine a few nights of the WEEK, not weekend,  having to deal with this mess until sometimes 1-2 AM. I’m usually avoid confrontations at all cost, but one night I couldn’t deal with it and walked out back, introduced myself and asked them to turn down the music because my kids are sleeping RIGHT HERE and we have school tomorrow. “Oh, sorry, yeah sure!” Only to have them blast it back a few minutes after I went inside. They would set up a freakin drum set next to the bedroom window & THINK they could play drums when they so apparently couldn’t. We are definitely NOT cop callers but it had got to the point that we didn’t know what to do. Hubs asked them a few different times to not be so rude and received the look of “Huh??” instead. The cops were called a few times on them but it did nothing at all. Luckily, we moved a few months later. Unfortunately, my mom moved back there again (since it is her house) and I am still hearing about their unbelievable rudeness. The weird thing about it all – during the day if we happened to see them outside, they would smile & wave like nothing ever happened. What??

Nothing will ever top the craziest neighbors EVER. These were the ones who lived in the same house before the rude neighbors. Or I should say “squatted” in the house. The sad thing is that the lady who originally owned the house had passed away just a few weeks before. There was no sign put up for sale or anything and all of a sudden I get a knock on the door. It was a woman introducing herself as the new neighbors moving in there. When I told her my surprise since there was no sign & I never saw anyone there EVER, she smoothed it over by talking about the neighborhood. She moved in with her boyfriend and 3 year old daughter, who was autistic and couldn’t talk besides gibberish. This lady was loud, obnoxious, & had no filter when around my kids even after telling her to tone it down. The kids got to the point where they would go in the house when she came around.

These people kept the stuff that was already in the house, did not clean anything, and the original owner was a HOARDER! They brought 2 greyhound dogs and so many cats, who all decided the house was their bathroom. I walked in their after they moved in and was so disgusted. Her boyfriend was a little on the weird side. When she introduced me to him, the hubs & I honestly thought he was female. I don’t have a problem with that at all, but was confused when I found out he was the biological father of the little girl. Everything about the house was falling apart. Things started falling into place where we realized they were squatting. The owners daughter came over & Let's Talk About Crazy Neighborsasked if someone was living there. I told her yes & she was so confused. When I told the neighbor, she panicked. I couldn’t figure out why. Things started falling into place where we realized they were squatting. Something should have told us from the beginning when we witnessed her turning on the water & electric by herself. She was a habitual liar and was extremely rude to her toddler. The deep dark secrets came out when her & the boyfriend had an argument and she came over bawling and had diarrhea of the mouth. I had to send the kids OUTSIDE since she was inside and talking about things kids have no business hearing…or me! Like the fact that he is really gay, wants to be a woman, and tons of other TMI stuff.

These people told me they were moving to another place in the area and supposedly paid a guy some money for it. They went to go meet him to get the key and he never showed up. Supposedly the neighbor to that house came out asking what they were doing and she explained she was moving in. Turned out it was her son’s house who was out of state. She came back to me bawling again that they are out of that money and don’t know what to do. Mm-hmm, yeah you were about to squat in another house & was caught. They eventually moved out of state, or so we were told, and I was supposed to watch for her check from the electric company. It wasn’t coming…you never had an account! I haven’t heard from her since she moved but I always wonder about that little girl.

Thankfully, we don’t really have any crazy neighbors where we are now, but I’m not holding my breath. It could be because we try to avoid everyone now! We have a nice elderly couple across the road, a single elderly man across the road on the side of us who keeps to himself. The other neighbors across from us seem like us, they avoid eye contact at all cost. Once, the guy was outside working on his truck and hubs walked over with a tool asking if he wanted to use it & if he needed help. He didn’t even look at him and told him no while waving him off with an attitude. Really? A**hole. This same guy yelled at a guy who stopped on the side of the road to ask hubs a question. The neighbor was pulling out of his driveway and the other guys truck was there. He pulled out & screamed “F***ing a**hole” to the dude. Really?? We are wondering if they’ve had the same crazy neighbor problem and just try to NOT make at least friendly acquaintances with any neighbors. HA!

We’ve made a few very good friends from neighbors, don’t get me wrong. At one place we even had neighborhood bonfires at our place with some great times. I kind of miss those days…but I will never miss crazy neighbors.

Have you had any crazy neighbor experiences? I’d love to hear all about them!

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Jess Benoit

Jess is a homeschooling mama of 3, wife, gamer, Whovian, Nerd

14 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Crazy Neighbors

  • I had one when I lived in Brooklyn. Well he more of a klepto because he did drugs so whenever the FedEx or UPS man delivered our packages, he would steal them and sell them for money. My husband almost beat him up one day because he took all the kids clothing for school. I haven’t had any since moving to CO and I’m grateful.

    • What a horrible person! I’m so glad you no longer live near him and have no crazy neighbors. *knocks on wood*

  • Thankfully I haven’t had any really crazy neighbors. Just super secretive ones that made me wonder if their were bodies in the basement, lol.

    • Ohhh yes, I know what you mean! Reminds me of that movie Disturbia with Shia Labeouf.

  • doug gerard

    I think we must have lived in the same neighborhood as you! Anyway, small towns are supposed to be friendly places and after moving to one from the big city we found we had the weirdest neighbors ever! It seemed like everyone on the street was transitioning from a former life in jail. One person behind has had a 300lb pig living with them (actual animal). The ones across the street had their water turned off and started to use the front lawn as a toilet. The grocery store lady was rude and slammed our food on the counter every time. The ones on the corner used stolen plants to decorate the yard…I could go on and on…so guess what? We moved back to the big city!

    • Oh wowww…those are some crazy neighbors! Seriously, the front lawn?! I am so glad you moved back to the big city!

  • sabina Edwards

    WOW, stories like this make my backyard look good!! lol, I guess the neighbors across the street could take better care of their kid…get off their cell phone and maybe stop him from walking onto the road..but you knw what? When anyone says something to people like that we’re told they don’t need our parenting advice …

    • Yes, it’s so crazy how WE are the ones who don’t know any better but you’re welcome for saving your kid. People!

  • This post has made me really appreciate my neighbors! I live in a townhouse and we have neighbors literally sharing the same walls. It is a good thing that I like them 🙂

    • You are very lucky! Usually you have super loud neighbors when you live in townhouses/apartments.

  • I know exactly what you mean, I’ve had loads of crazy neighbors as well! I don’t get people either. I had neighbors once who left their 1 year old baby girl alone in their apt. with the music on full blast. I called the cops when I just happened to hear her screaming. Luckily she was okay.

    • Oh my gosh!! That’s horrible but so glad you called and she was Okay.

  • Jennifer

    haha, I didn’t open my door all day because of mine, took my Pug potty at 10pm so I wouldn’t see either of the 3 neighbors. One gives me less than 15 feet to park(backed into her bumper 2 days ago, she didn’t care), the other is GIVING her friend money monthly so he can buy a vehicle (she is mad I told her not to pay someone else if your name is not on a title), and the other is a fall on the porch pill popping Vodka addict and tells so many lies I can’t even listen to her anymore, oh, and she comes outside EVERY time I pull up like I am inviting her to come out and talk. I wish my vehicle had an invisibility device!!

    • Oh wowww….those do seem like crazy neighbors! I also had to hide from our ‘squatter’ neighbors because she felt the need to talk to me every. single. time. I was outside. Thanks for sharing your story!


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