Linkydoodles CandyChains Review

Linkydoodles CandyChains

It’s a tradition in our home to put up the Christmas Tree the days after Thanksgiving. The whole family gets excited and it’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit since it’s still usually flip flops and shorts kind of weather here in Florida. This year, we were able to decorate our tree with Linkydoodles CandyChains and it added a great look to our new white tree!

Linkydoodles CandyChains

About Linkydoodles Decorative Candy Canes

Created by the Southern California-based Robin Reichelt and made entirely in the U.S., Linkydoodles Decorative Candy Canes are the world’s only linkable candy. Not only fun, delicious and decorative, Linkydoodles – available in Christmas and Everyday (year-round) varieties – are designed to help family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances forge a closer link to each other during any occasion.

Linkydoodles CandyChains

We received two sets of the Holiday Collection Linkydoodles CandyChainsCherry Stripe and Peppermint Stripe. They have so many uses but we used them to make a candy garland on our tree. The new Everyday Linkydoodles are available in three distinct colors and patterns (all irresistibly Cherry-flavored), including Rainbow; Pink; and BlueLinkydoodles has also created a new line of Wedding Linkydoodles which will help couples link together during the marriage ceremony and anniversary parties!

Linkydoodles CandyChains

Honestly, using the Linkydoodles weren’t that easy. Since we have tile floor, they broke when we dropped a few. At first the kids linked each box together in two separate chains and tried to put them around the tree. Didn’t work….they fell apart and a few broke as soon as they hit the tile floor. The product box suggests linking 4 -5 pieces of candy to make mini-sections of the garland. I unlinked the long chains and relinked them like the box suggested. It worked a little easier but it’s not that easy to keep them linked while trying to add them to the tree. Once I did get them added I told the kids they weren’t allowed to touch them. (They really can, I just wanted the tree to look nice enough for a few pics before they tore apart my links! 😉 )

Linkydoodles CandyChains

Linkydoodles CandyChains

I decided to use one box for mini-garlands while I went a different route with the second box. I linked two pieces together and hung them from the tree like ornaments. Worked much easier and turned out very pretty!

Linkydoodles CandyChains

Behold our gorgeous tree decorated by the kids. We have a few more ornaments to add to it but that’s for a different post. 😀

Linkydoodles CandyChains

As for the taste…the kids enjoyed them. Overall, it made out Christmas tree beautiful and we love the added sweetness to it. If we were to get these again I don’t think we would bother with making garland again. You can find more ideas, projects and printables here.

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  • Wendi S

    They do look real pretty. This is probably something I should do without the kids. They always seem to break thing they are too quick.


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