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Manic Monday 1/25/16

Manic Monday 1/25/16

Manic Monday 1/25/16

This past week was hopefully our last week of craziness. Our homeschooling has suffered because of it and it makes me wonder if we should extend our Winter Break through the end of January! We do not go by the same schedule as public school so sometimes our Summer breaks aren’t as long as their’s is. It is way too hot here in FL for the kids to enjoy being outside anyway so from Thanksgiving week – January is ideal since there is more outdoor weather for us. I was worried that we weren’t getting a winter at all here but this past week or so has definitely proved me wrong. Over the weekend the temperature got down in the high 20s! This is because of the snow storms happening.

Hubs was finally able to get his work van fixed! We were so stressed because it was causing him to miss work which also means losing out on money. Now that it was fixed over the weekend, this week is back to normal for everyone.

We received a new board game called Junior Alias and had a ton of fun with that. It’s a game for teams (ages 5+) where each team has to guess what the card is by the clues given. You can use sounds, synonyms, and other funny clues without actually saying any of the words on the card. This Junior version is great since it has pictures along with the words so little ones can play along. We had 2 teams, the hubs/the 10 year old son and me with the Kid Baker. The teen was too busy drawing to be bothered with “family time”. Of course us girls whooped some butt. The boys hardly had a chance to move along the board! We ended up playing a few games of it over the weekend. It is a very fast paced game with much laughter!

Manic Monday 1/25/16 - Junior Alias Board Game

I added a few steps to my decluttering journey. One of them I didn’t even realize I was doing and the other is another one I adopted from FlyLady. I will have more on those in an upcoming post. I have to brag on myself because I am doing so good and so is the rest of the family!

We tried pomegranate for the first time Sunday. It was pretty good but I had to google how to cut it open! Kid Baker has pretty much ate most of it so far by herself. She was always asking if she could get some more yesterday.

This Week – 

Since it looks like we are back to “normal” this week, we will plow through our school work.

Tomorrow I will have a great Butter Cookie recipe that Kid Baker made to go in our new Cookie Press.

New decluttering journey post will be up Wednesday.

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I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Until next time…


How did last week go for you? Did you do anything exciting?

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16 thoughts on “Manic Monday 1/25/16

  • When I was growing up pomegranate was really exotic and only available for a few weeks each year. Now we can find them a couple times a year although they seem to be at their best in the winter.

    • I had never even heard of it until it became popular more recently! This one that we got didn’t last long at all so we had to eat it pretty quick.

  • I can totally relate to this whole post…homeschooling…cold weather…decluttering…unexpected problems. Sounds like my life right now! Flylady is a great resource for decluttering, she helped me get clutter out of my life. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life!

    • Just because you are home does NOT mean the house will always be clean! Hubs learned this a long, long, time

  • I used to love drinking pomegranate just because it was so rich. Looking forward to those butter cookies.

    • I will definitely look for some juice now that we really know what it tastes like. Thanks!

  • Last week was a pretty good one here. I was really productive and the kids had a light homework week (ohhh those are my favorite).

  • We had a lot of snow! 2 feet and the kids were in shorts at Christmas so I understand where you are with the weather

  • Junior Alias is so fun. Check out Dice Alias from them also!

  • Hear Hear for the ladies. Us females are outnumbered in the family here so it’s nice when we come out victors on game night too. 🙂

  • Last week was quite good to me, and I was excited last week because I won a giveaway and I’m very happy for myself.


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