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Manic Monday 1/4/16

Welcome to our first post in this series – Manic Monday 1/4/16. Since it is the new year and I am wanting to try out some new things on the blog, I decided to test out a new series called Manic Mondays. This is where I will sum up the happenings of last week and what I am planning for the coming week. I decided on Manic Monday because I will be crazy typing it as fast as I can while the kids take a break from their lessons.

Manic Monday 1/4/16

Manic Monday 1/4/16

Last Week –

Last week was crazy since it was still our Holiday Break from homeschool and work because of Christmas and New Years Day. Hubs got to spend a lot of time home with us and we absolutely loved it! It was driving him crazy though. Not because of the kids exactly, but because he is an ADHD-er stuck in the house while the kids took over our living room TV with their new video games. Our family vehicle is broke down at the moment so we couldn’t just load up the kids and take off somewhere. Luckily he still has his work van BUT it is only a 2 seater. At least he is still able to get to work! The poor guy was actually looking for projects to do, fix, clean, you name it. He even deep cleaned our bathroom for crying out loud! Now tell me he isn’t a keeper.

The kids received a lot of gift cards and money for Christmas from our awesome family. The 2 oldest put their money and cards together to buy a pre-owned Xbox One and a few games for it. This is why the living room TV has been taken over. The youngest bought 2 new Skylanders characters to go with her new games that she received for Christmas. We are totally new to the Skylanders world here.

Manic Monday 1/4/16

We celebrated the new year like any other day. New Years Eve consisted of all of us staying up late watching the Doctor Who marathon and then switching over to watch the countdown and ball drop. We then ran outside to watch our neighborhood sky light up with fireworks all around us. We never have to leave for a fireworks show! After that, hubs went to bed along with the youngest, and the other 2 stayed up with me while we each did our own thing. As for New Years Day, we didn’t do anything special.

My iCoffee Opus decided to stop pumping water so, as of now, I had to resort back to my french press. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my french press, but the iCoffee is so much more easier and quicker to use first thing in the morning! I am in contact with iCoffee right now so hopefully this issue gets resolved or I just may cry AND edit my review of it to reflect this matter.

This Week – 

Today we started back to homeschool. I thought hubs was going to go back to work but turns out he doesn’t go back until Wednesday. I love the guy and all but having him home during a homeschool day is very distracting! He can’t sit still so he is usually all over the place and is worse than a kid since he has to ask me a question every 5 freakin’ minutes.

The day actually started off great and we were all shocked to see the teen come walking out of her room at 8:30 am – ON HER OWN, Y’ALL! Usually it is a daily battle getting her out of bed even with her own alarm. She knew that if she woke up early enough that I would allow her to play a little of her new game before starting her schoolwork. Sometimes bribes do work. So far the younger 2 completed their lessons and are taking a break before starting the math lesson they will work on together with me – Times Tales. A refresher course for the 10 year old and an introduction for the 8 year old. I bought it just before the Holiday Break and it was pretty fun when we tried it out then. They were surprised to find out that they were actually remembering facts that they didn’t know they were learning to begin with. Check it out if you have a child new to multiplication and division or need a refresher course.

Looking Forward to This Week –

I think we just want to really get through this first week back to school after the long break without any mishaps and fall back into our ‘normal’ schedule and get my iCoffee working.

We still never took down our Christmas tree and the few decorations we set out this past weekend so we need to tackle that sometime this week.

I have a list of some 5-Minute Breakfasts coming up for you later this week so make sure to look for that.

I am planning to get back on track this week with the FlyLady program. If you haven’t heard of her, definitely check out her site, especially if you are living in C.H.A.O.S.!

Also, I got some all-natural blood pressure regulating pills for the hubs to test out so I am anxious to see how they work for him. His blood pressure has been a little on the higher side (according to our wrist monitor) so we need to regulate that before it becomes a problem. He is not fond of taking meds so, with them being natural, it has helped persuade him.

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I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Until next time…


How did last week go for you? Let me know in the comments below!


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5 thoughts on “Manic Monday 1/4/16

  • Sounds like you had a busy week! I hope your iCoffee gets back to working ASAP – no coffee is TORTURE!!! I still need to get my tree and decorations put away as well. I plan on getting to that this week too. Have a great week girl!

    • Thanks, Jaclyn!! I ended up taking all the ornaments off of the tree while the kids did a lesson but the actual tree is still standing for now…LOL

  • If your hubby needs to regulate his blood pressure, I highly recommend getting him Plexus slim. Weight loss is a side effect of using it which is why a lot of people have lost a lot of weight using Plexus but it was originally created to balance blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids. Plexus also helps with so many other health ailments, including my Psoriasis. It is life changing… and I am not just saying that because I am an Ambassador. If you would like me to send you some samples, I would be more than happy to. You know how to contact me. 😉

    • Oh, that’s great to know! Thanks for the info. I have heard of Plexus but that’s about as much as I know…lol


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