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Tips For Choosing The Right Mattresses For Lower Back Pain

Selecting the right mattresses for back pain can be a difficult outlook. Back pain differs from person to person and can vary time by time, however, the single thing doctors tell for sure is that back pain can completely weaken your capability to get adequate quality sleep. It is significant to study firmness also with the complete comfort level of a mattress and its capability to support particular orthopedic circumstances. As a result, making the correct selection requires study and discussion with the appropriate specialists.

Sleeping on the incorrect kind of mattress not only results in restlessness but can reason long-lasting back pain and aches. At present, if you are suffering from back pain, then the incorrect mattress may worsen your back pain. The Novaform mattresses will benefit your sleep well and get up feeling relaxed. Read on for some expert advice on choosing the right bed for your back problems.

Tips For Choosing The Right Mattresses For Lower Back Pain

Back Pain types

Back pain can from lower back pain up to the neck and shoulders. Before individuals were guided to choose the most of the firm mattress presented to comfort offset back suffering, however currently we know that is not good advice. Actually, for lower back pain troubles, a firm choice is the poor selection. A current study has proven that a semi-firm mattress providing the greatest sleep for lower back pain sufferers. Neck pain and upper spine are not more common, but yet a problem for several persons, generally from a poor carriage or long-lasting strain on the muscles.

Sleeping Position and Matching Mattress

The kind of mattress which is appropriate for your body depends on your position of sleeping. The most relaxed position to sleep in is firm by personal likings and the kind of back pain. Basically, there are 3 common sleep positions: on your sides, on your back and on your stomach.

Back Support v/s Overall Ease

The lower back pain studied above proven that average levels of firmness were utmostly favorable for sciatic discomfort, only because of a mixture of pressure distribution and support. Pressure points are an important concern in mattress choices in every case, on the other hand, come to be even more serious when back complications are present. However a firm mattress worsened pain levels in the study, a soft mattress was similar throbbing. The word support, in relation to mattresses, states the degree to which a bed retains the body on a flat level, against letting some portions sink down.

Choosing The Right Mattress for your Back

There are 2 key factors you have to consider while assessing a mattress:

1. Good back support

Support be subject to the coil category, coil amount, and links between the coils. It should be prepared of steel and the heavier the coil, the additional back support the mattress will offer.

The coil amount ranges from three hundred to eight hundred per mattress and usually more coils deal superior support. The coils must be connected internally by wires to stop misalignment.

2. Comfort

Comfort is subject to the edge materials and fabric. The stuffing is the layers of foam and fabric that distinguishes you from the coils. Luxurious patterns such as cushion top provide heavy stuffing for a rich deluxe feel. If you desire a less luxurious feel, choose the padding with less stuffing. This is actually a personal liking. The mattress’s edge should also be ready from durable material to stop sagging and spool off.

The top mattress for back pain delivers good support and high level of comfort, however, it is not essentially costly. Mattresses that are costly are usually because of their great superiority materials used but not essentially improved. Eventually, it is the person’s body who is accountable for determining whether a mattress is good or bad.

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18 thoughts on “Tips For Choosing The Right Mattresses For Lower Back Pain

  • Are memory foam mattresses good for lower back pain? I seem to toss and turn less on a memory foam as opposed to a traditional mattress with coils/springs.


  • For back pain sufferers, a medium firm or firm mattress can be a great choice because it will provide better support for your back instead of sinking your body into it. While a soft mattress sinks your back and body and causes unwanted back pain.

  • My wife is also suffering this problem. When she was laying on the bed, she fell a huge back pain on her waist. I used a normal mattress. Did I want to know which mattress is better for back pain?

  • I must say this is a very informative stuff. Actually I was looking for good mattresses for my dad, as he is suffering from back pain since many days, but couldn’t find perfect one. But your info really helped me a lot thanks for sharing.

  • I will always go for good back support and comfort. I used to add extra pillow behind my back while lying flat but it causes strain on my shoulders because they carry my weight. All I want is an affordable mattress, not as costly as memory foam.

  • A lumbar herniated disc can cause severe pain, weakness in strength, and numbness in the legs. Non-operative treatment is first initiated and is usually successful in relieving the symptoms.

  • The mattress plays a very important role in back pain. A lot people suffers from the back pain due to the wrong mattress that they are using. Thanks for sharing the post and bringing out this important point among the people.

  • As a natural healthcare approach, regular chiropractic adjustments at The Joint can restore and maintain balance within your body, leaving you better prepared to live life to its fullest.

  • A year ago, I bought a mattress which I thought was really good because of the numerous reviews I had seen online. But I made the biggest mistake- buying the mattress from a local retailer. The first night I slept in it, I knew it was fake. A dip formed on the first night and in the next few months, sleeping on that mattress was a real struggle.

    Then I started developing upper back pain. I also started oversleeping because I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I did buy a cheaper original brand but I am still not contented with it. I need an original brand because I would hate to waste more money.

    For sure, the wrong mattress can lead to back pain. I am holding on to the current mattress and might check out the Novaform model. Looks firm and supportive!

  • My friend’s wife had the same problem but after changing their mattress they get rid of it since then I know what is helpful for back pain.

  • Really a helpful post! It is great for me from you. Your explanation ability is fantastic.
    There is some essential point for using kneel pillow

  • My mom suffers from lower back pain and her doc recommends we change her mattress. I’ve been looking around for a good mattress. Now I know what to look for in a good mattress. Thank you. Excellent post.

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  • I had the same problem but after changing my mattress I’m feeling good enough choosing the right mattress is very essential

  • Thanks for sharing these tips! So glad I stopped by your blog to read this post!

  • Your wrong sleeping posture on wrong mattress can put you in a big problem and can be the reason for back pain. It is always better to change the mattress and consult a chiropractor.


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