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Meaningful and Affordable Gift Ideas for Your Parents

As kids, we’re used to being spoiled with gifts on our birthdays from all our extended family. However, when it comes to the people who spoil us the most, our parents, we often don’t reciprocate the gift-giving. Now that we’re adults, it’s time to give back to our parents and make them feel special on their birthday, Christmas or Mother’s/Father’s Day. If you’re stuck on ideas for affordable yet meaningful gifts to give to your parents, we’ve got you covered!

Meaningful and Affordable Gift Ideas for Your Parents

A Luxuriously Soft Blanket

One of the easiest-to-acquire gifts on the list, nothing says “I love you with all the warmth in my heart” like a soft and cozy blanket. Every time they choose to snuggle up on the couch to watch their favorite soap or curl up in the bed to read a novel, they’ll be thinking of you thanks to the blanket that’s keeping them warm.

Meaningful and Affordable Gift Ideas for Your Parents


If you’ve really been slack at gift-hunting this year, candles are always a classic plan B gift idea. You’ll need to ensure that the exterior packaging is stunning enough to work as a piece of décor on its own so that it’s not blatantly obvious that it was a last minute gift. It’s even better if you carefully select a scent that you know your parent will actually love, as it’ll show you put some thought into the gift. Does your mom love to bake? Get her a cocoa butter or vanilla candle. Does dad love the outdoors? Try an oak or musk-scented candle.

Netflix Subscription

This one’s an unusual suggestion, but much-loved by recipients. Your parents may not be familiar with Netflix and may instead prefer buying DVDs. Treating them to a Netflix subscription can open up a whole new world of TV shows, documentaries, and movies that they are bound to enjoy and might otherwise not have been aware of. It’ll also save them money in the long run, so they don’t have to go buy a DVD or head to the cinema every time they feel like watching something.

Audible Subscription

On a similar note, a subscription to Audible will be perfect for any bookworm parents out there. If your bibliophilic parent has no more room left for books in their home, an Audible subscription will allow them to listen to audiobooks without the clutter. Whether your parent is tech-savvy or you’re trying to encourage them to embrace technology, an Audible subscription will be much appreciated.

Non-Technological Subscriptions

A more traditional subscription option over Netflix and Audible is a subscription to something they would love. Some popular subscription ideas include wine, flowers, food, coffee, tea, yoga or healthy snacks. These get delivered to the recipient’s home, usually on a monthly basis, ensuring that they always have their favorite things on hand. Whatever your mom or dad love, there’s bound to be a subscription service for it out there that will prove to be a gift that keeps on giving.

Restaurant Gift Card

If your parents have home cooked dinners every night and rarely go out to treat themselves, enable them to do so by getting them a restaurant gift card. There’s plenty of websites out there that allow you to either choose a specific restaurant to buy a gift card for or lets the recipient of the gift choose where they would like to spend their gift card.

Groupon Voucher for Fun Activities

If your parents value nothing more than spending time with their family, buying them an experience will be more meaningful than material objects. Websites like Groupon allow you to buy gift cards for experiences such as karaoke, spa packages or escape rooms. Treat not just your parents, but the whole family, out for a special day. This works best if you have siblings who are willing to split the cost of this family outing with you.

Printed Coffee Mug

Meaningful and Affordable Gift Ideas for Your Parents

Now, hear us out. We know that a personalized coffee mug has a bad reputation for being a cheesy, tacky gift reserved for Father’s Day only. However, there are plenty of great companies out there that custom design mugs your parents will actually find touching to receive. You could choose to put the emblem of your dad’s favorite footy team on the cup, or a fun quote that your mom will find relatable. Other great ideas for personalized printed coffee mugs are inside jokes that your family has, or matching mugs for your mom and dad so they can look adorable together every morning during breakfast. Something as simple as “Hubby” and “Wifey” is likely to be appreciated by your parents.

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Meaningful and Affordable Gift Ideas for Your Parents

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