Messy Cables? Here Are Tips To Clean Them Up!

Messy cables can be the bane of what is otherwise a neat and tidy work or play environment. While much of what we use now is wireless with Bluetooth connectivity, there is still a lot that we have that needs wires to charge and have power.

But if you are sick of going from room to room and seeing a tangled mess of cables, or having to unwrap them all the time, then here are some tips that can help you with your cable organization.

Messy Cables? Here Are Tips To Clean Them Up!

Why do messy cables cause a problem?

Although we might view messy wires as simply unsightly and a bit annoying, they are actually a hazard too.

When wires become tangled, it puts pressure on the connections and the jacks; over time, it can cause cracks and snaps in the protective plastic coating. Or for the connector to come slightly loose and impact the performance.

Depending on what your wires are plugged into, they could also be at risk of starting a fire. When the heat builds up and there is damage or dust – this can cause issues.

Those things are a problem, but messy wires are also a common cause of tripping by getting your foot caught in them.

Then there are the lighter and less serious issues; imagine you are in the middle of something and accidentally unplug the wrong thing and lose work or appear to go offline in the middle of a call or an important meeting.

A messy tangle of wires can cause all of these things and more.

Some options for tidying are budget-friendly, while others are more sophisticated.

Toilet Paper Tubes

It is not a sophisticated method by any means, but it is simple and budget-friendly. Kitchen roll tubes and toilet roll tubes can be used as wire storage. Any wires that aren’t in use but need to be stored away neatly can be carefully wrapped and slid into the tube. The tubes can help to keep it well organized.

If you have a lot of wires that are the same color and just want an extra layer of ease, write the names of each wire and what it is for on the tube.


Labeling the cables that are in use can be the best decision you ever make. This way, that stack of multiple black wires can be quickly differentiated, so you know what to plug in and what to pull out at speed.

A label-making machine will give you easy-to-use labels that can be stuck directly or on the plug on the wires. But if you can’t spring for a label maker, then you can use bread tags instead.

Bread tags offer an easy solution for wires that you don’t usually see, and they fit on most thicknesses of wire.

Another alternative for labeling the wires is to use masking tape. Wrap it around the wire, cut it into a tag shape, and write the name of the time on it.

Wrapping messy cables

If you love electronics and music, the chances are you are very aware that the incorrect wrapping for the wires can mean that you will cause damage to them.

While manually wrapping works for some people, other people prefer to have a simple and effective option. When you learn how to wrap audio cables correctly, you dramatically reduce the likelihood of cable damage.

Coaxial Cable Staples

If these types of staples don’t ring a bell, they are the half-circle ones that hold most cables to the baseboard in a home. They come in a huge range of sizes and can be ideal for making sure that your cables stay put.

You should only use this option if you don’t need to move the wires at all. They can be used on most wooden surfaces too. Keep in mind that if you are renting right now, this option will leave holes where they are placed. So be prepared to use fillers and replace the wood that you have attached these to.

Command Strips

Suppose you want a fuss-free option that doesn’t require nails or hammers and instead sticks to the surface via a sticky pad. They work the same way as coaxial cable staples – but keep in mind that sometimes, depending on the brand, they hold less weight.

Mess in our surroundings has a more significant impact than you might think. And as well as cleaning up the cables, there are other things that you can do to make your work or study area more comfortable.

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