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Moving tips, tricks, and more!

Is anybody planning to move in 2022? I have to admit when we first moved out on our own, we had no idea what we were doing. I was determined to be independent, but our first year ended up crashing and burning quickly (whoops)! Moving has been a roller coaster thus far, so I wanted to share some tips, tricks, and more to make your move the smoothest one yet! Let’s get started!


When you are moving, the last thing you want to be worried about is how much money you have. Create an emergency fund: Anything could happen! Don’t overspend on your move- things can get expensive! So while preparing for your move I highly recommend using the app, “Every Dollar”. This app helps a lot with budgeting, and downloading it before your move helps you focus on the move, not your money! Having emergency moving funds set aside keeps your focus on moving day, thanks to the app.


Packing can be such a mess. Things can easily end up piled and your house ends up looking like something out of hoarders! Every time I plan my packing, Pinterest is my best friend for organization tips. When it comes to supplies? Don’t spend a penny on boxes, get on Facebook and ask your friends if they have boxes, 9/10 times you will have a friend who has boxes that you can get for free! Another great alternative to boxes is storage bins, they are reusable, and your recycling bin won’t be overflowing once you move in! Some other supplies that have been a lifesaver for my moves are taping guns, dollies, moving blankets, and of course, bubble wrap! With Pinterest, the right supplies, and good timing, the packing will be easier than ever!


Let’s be honest: nobody likes moving! The hassle, the work, the time – it is all just a big stressor. That’s why your timing is so important when moving. Have everything planned out the night before, write down what needs to be done, get a good night’s sleep, and when you wake up, pump yourself up! That also means you need to be in full focus mode, have a good meal beforehand, have no phones, keep water and snacks nearby, turn on your favorite “Spotify” playlist, and take down your whole plan like a boss! As I said, nobody likes moving, but I believe you have the power to get it done in a fast, efficient way if your day is nicely planned and timed out.

Moving tips, tricks, and more!

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When you have finally settled into your new, gorgeous home, a sore back is the last thing you want (did you lift your couch the wrong way into the moving van?). I know what you are thinking, “movers can be expensive; it would be easier to do it myself.” Moving on your own is NEVER easy! Movers are not always expensive if you do your proper research. For my local Florida friends, I recommend your next move with a reputable company. Not only do I recommend them, but several locals also do! They are reasonably priced, local, trustworthy, and have raving reviews! You can hire as many or as few of these professionals as you need. Unlike several big-chain moving companies, they have upfront pricing, with no hidden costs or extra fees for dollies, moving blankets, or anything else they had to use to move your items.

The only thing you should worry about moving yourself is YOU. So, take some stress off your shoulders during your move and hire professionals. Weston Moving and Storage is customer-based, meaning they will work with your timing and your ideas and do things the way you want. They don’t just take over and throw your items around, which can be common for movers. But, don’t just take it from me! Check out these safe moving in Broward County and see how fast and efficiently they can get things done for you and your move. I hope you consider this convenient moving company for your next big move!

With these few tips, I wish you all the smoothest, most successful move in 2022! Take your time, make a budget, and of course, hire professionals. Moving can be a breeze with those few simple steps!

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