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Moving with Kids: A Step by Step Guide

Moving house is difficult. Moving house with kids is even more difficult. So, if you’re planning a move with your little ones, it’s not all too surprising that you might be looking for a little advice and guidance. When it comes down to it, you’re going to have to make sure that the move and the moving process is in everyone’s best interests and then you’re going to have to implement various steps to make the process as seamless as possible. Here are a few steps to take to make your move a success.

Make Sure Your Move is Justified

Of course, you don’t have to answer to anyone when it comes to the life decisions you make. But moving house can be a big upheaval for kids and it’s generally advised that you only do it if the benefit outweighs the disruption to your little ones’ routine. Generally, good reasons for moving include moving for a better job, moving to be in the catchment area for a better school, moving to be closer to family or friends for support or moving into a property that better accommodates your family’s needs than your current one.

Prepare Your Kids

It’s good to make sure that your kids are prepared for the move well in advance of actually moving. Let them know why you’re moving. Focus on the benefits and the highlights. Show them the fun things they can do in their new home. Make everything as positive as possible.

Pack in Advance

You’ll be surprised just how long packing can take. So avoid leaving it last minute. Start packing well in advance of the move, focusing on packing lesser used items first and frequently used belongings last.

Hire Help on Moving Day

Trying to move is likely to take up a lot of your attention. But you need to make sure your kids are supervised and okay too. You may want to hire help like to take care of the bulk of the moving for you.

Manage Pets

If you have pets, you need to make sure they’re managed on moving day too. This may mean dropping them off to a friend or relative’s until the move is complete and you can carefully introduce them into their new home. Avoid leaving pets under the supervision of children who could easily let them out.

Settle the Kids In

Once you’re into your new home, settle the kids in. Make sure their bedrooms are ready first. Introduce them to the area. Spend plenty of time with them so that they don’t feel lost or alone. You may have a lot on your plate right now, but your kids wellbeing and happiness should be your priority.

Of course, you may face other challenges when moving. But hopefully, some of the steps above will really help the move to go smoothly and as trouble free as possible!

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