Mr+Muse Men’s Underwear Review

Mr+Muse Men's Underwear Review

 The place to have fun buying your guy high quality underwear without sacrificing his masculinity or coming off like you’re calling the shots.

Mr+Muse started with a simple question: “Why do guys hold onto underwear way too long?” They discovered that often standing next to a good guy wearing a disgusting pair of underwear, was a super woman who loved and supported her guy no matter what. But she has never seen herself as a victim. She just needed an advocate. This is the woman for whom Mr + Muse was created.

Mr + Muse turns men’s underwear into a conversation starter, enabling their customers to express their feelings about that special someone in their life in a unique and innovative way. Through personalized messaging and fantastic products, Mr+Muse brings people closer together, making the Misters look forward to their next pair of new underwear.

The underwear is made from their signature blend of 70% bamboo, 25% cotton and 5% lycra. The bamboo is woven to feel like a luxurious hybrid of cotton and silk!

Mr+Muse Men's Underwear

The ordering process is simple:

  1. Choose your pairs of underwear.
  2. Personalize your message.
  3. Enjoy the benefits!

The pairs that I chose for the hubs were Black & White (THE MYKALA) and also Light Blue (THE RYAN):

Mr+Muse Men’s Underwear

Mr+Muse Men’s Underwear

Personalized message:

Mr+Muse Men’s Underwear

For the personalized message you can either choose a pre-made one or make one of your own. I had a good laugh at many of their pre-made ones! Not only was the shopping part fun but the messages made it even better! I chose a pre-made one for the hubs. The message is included in the box when it arrives printed on a card. The underwear is hiding under tissue paper.

The hubs loved them but we weren’t sure if they would fit. The largest size that was available was Extra Large 36 – 38 but he is normally 40 – 42. I took a chance anyway and they fit him just fine. He said they are very comfortable and has no problems with them!

Each pair is $22 but right now Mr+Muse is having a deal where you can buy 3 and get 4th pair FREE!

Gift Subscriptions are also available – 2 pairs sent 3 times a year.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, this would be a great gift for that special Mister in your life!

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