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Online Learning { Review}

Benoit Academy was able to start the new year off with some great news!! I was selected to receive a Yearly Membership to so I can share my thoughts with you!

Never heard of It’s the curriculum site of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. When I first clicked over to the site I was overwhelmed….but in a good way. There is so many resources and courses that cover grades PreK – 12! With over 100 courses, it would be hard to not find something that interests you and your children. Each course varies in length from just a few weeks to a full year and more.

After scoping out the basics of what was all about, I navigated over to the  Pre-K/Elementary section. I wanted to look for something for M7 & L9. PreK/Elementary

I was excited to see that there was a Lapbooking section! Kimm Bellotto of Hands of a Child has put this course together so that made me even more excited.  We love to do lapbooks and use them anytime we can. Lapbooking makes it fun and easy to understand a lesson better and it’s nice to see the kids pull an old one off of the bookshelf to read again. Each month in the Lapbook course has a theme that each lapbook is based on.

  • Here’s a look at what the month of January looks like for Lapbooking through

The neat thing is that if you aren’t upLapbooking - January for what the latest lesson is, you can go through the archives to find ones that do interest you. We haven’t been able to start one yet because I ran out of ink for my printer BUT I have noted that they have a Florida Manatee lapbook that we will work on as soon as next week! Since we live in Florida I thought it was a perfect fit.





Next, I went over to the Middle/High School section to find something for J13. Middle/HighSchool

Ooohh, there’s a Filmmaking course and a Photography course! I knew for sure that J13 would be interested in those! She is always dabbling in making her own videos and what teen girl doesn’t like to take pictures?! I was right, she was definitely interested along with both L9 AND M7! This is a fun family course to take together. We have plenty of devices around here to use for the Photography course so no problem there.

  • Filmmaking:


  • Photography:


As for the rest of the courses in the Middle/High school section, we will go through them and add anything in that could supplement J13’s regular school work. There is so much here that it won’t be hard to figure anything in.

There is also a section of resources broken down for Family/Parents: Family/Parents


The Dailies section is pretty neat.  Here you will find many daily lessons for many subjects! Dailies Dailies

The Daily Discoveries grabbed my attention first. Daily Discoveries helps you to take a closer look at the world around you. Each month has a theme such as Forest Life, Seashore, Pond Life, and more! Each week of that month has lessons which contain reading material, vocabulary exercises, math, writing prompts and an activity. You can do each lesson in one day or break them up into small bits throughout the week. This Day In History is a great since it’s an ideal opener to our school day!

Lastly, but definitely not least, is the Resources section.  If you are looking for something in particular such as Copybooks and EZ Storybooks to even Daily Menu ideas and printable Planners, then this is the section to go to! You can also read The Old Schoolhouse Magazine there as well as back issues! Resources

I. am. in. love. with.!! I will seriously take advantage of this Yearly Membership and I recommend everyone else to check it out for yourself! You can get a membership for just $12.95 each month which is reasonable in my opinion. This covers every course for every member of the family! Save over 10% on the Yearly Membership for $139. You can also receive a FREE 30 day trial for signing up for their Welcome Basket!


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