Our Doctor Who themed Christmas

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Our Doctor Who themed Christmas

J12 just received this Doctor Who The Card Game as a Christmas gift the other day. We haven’t played it yet because, while reading the instructions, realized we have no clue how to do this EVEN WITH the instructions in front of our faces! I will be searching around on Youtube for a video tutorial so we can figure it out. We want to play! It’s fun enough looking through all of the cards though. If you know how to play this please leave a comment!

We bought each of the kids a Doctor Who shirt & their own Sonic Screwdrivers!  Do not ask how we don’t have any good pics of them in their shirts OR their Sonic Screwdrivers….especially since we received a new camera for Christmas!

M6’s shirt. For some reason I can’t find the youth size anymore on their site.
J12 – (River Song’s)

Another thing they received from my mom was an Underground Toys Doctor Who – In Your Pocket Talking Voice Keychain.

J12 also received Doctor Who: Summer Falls and Other Stories by Amelia Williams . She hasn’t started reading it yet (surprisingly) but she will be very soon.
(Here’s a still of it from the show.)
The next book that we both want is Doctor Who: The Angel’s Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery. Amazon has it right now for Kindle for only $2.79!
(Still of the Doctor reading it on the show.)
Last, but not least, L8 received the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor dvd!
 You can also read about our DW Graham Cracker T.A.R.D.I.S.s here.

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2 thoughts on “Our Doctor Who themed Christmas

  • Very cool!! We had a Doctor Who themed Christmas, too! We did the Sonic Screwdrivers (same ones you did!) a DW chess set, and lots of little stuff, like earrings and a scarf and socks and such. It was SO much fun! Oh, we got a Fez and Bowtie, too. 😉 Score on the DVD!!

    • Fez & Bow tie?! Awesome!! I love meeting fellow Whovians! Sounds like you all had a great Christmas as well. 🙂


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