Our Thoughts After Trying Period Underwear

So let’s get down to business. The Teen and I tried out some period underwear to see what everyone was talking about. I had to know if they actually worked. Knixwear has a new line of period underwear designed just for teens called Knixteen and they sent us some so we could find out for ourselves.

Knixwear, the leading brand of active intimates reinventing women’s underwear, launched the first line of leak-proof period underwear designed specifically for teens. The Knixteen brand and line of products will offer the same performance, technology, and protection as its top-selling adult counterpart. The brand features two styles of black leak-proof, seamless panties – a boyshort and a bikini cut that absorb the equivalent of two regular tampons and provide back up protection and peace of mind for teens.

Knixteen ‘Oh-No' Proof Period Underwear

Before I tell you our thoughts, here is some info on the new Knixteen ‘Oh-No’ Proof Period Underwear from Knixwear:

The Knixteen underwear is not period underwear that you ‘free bleed’ in. Instead, they help catch leaks so you don’t have those embarrassing blood spots on your clothes. The Teen is terrified of that happening so if we are out, she constantly asks if there is anything on her pants. Those of you that deal with periods know what I’m talking about!

  • Knixteen uses ‘Oh-No’ Proof Technology™ so it’s like having a really thin panty liner built right in, saving you and your pants from life-ruining leaks. They also use odor-crushing technology to keep that period smell at bay & you smelling fresh.

Knixteen ‘Oh-No' Proof Period Underwear

  • LYCRA SPORT® material is designed to soak up moisture and dry fast. Perfect for sports, exercising, or the unexpected wetness down there.
  • NO UNDERWEAR LINES! Knixteen period underwear is super thin and seamless.
  • Knixteen period underwear come in two styles – Bikini and Boyshorts

Our Thoughts

The Teen and I both had a chance to try the Knixteen ‘Oh-No’ Proof Bikini Period Underwear out. Yes, these period underwear made for teens fit me perfectly and we have size Medium (You can choose from sizes Small, Medium, and Large and there is a sizing chart).

The underwear arrived in an ‘Oh-No’ Proof Underwear packaging, a reusable pouch, which can also double as a period emergency kit, a pencil case or makeup bag. The pouch also comes with instructions that explain how it can be reused as a heating pad to help combat period cramps, which I thought was pretty dang neat.

Knixteen ‘Oh-No' Proof Period Underwear

The underwear is very thin and VERY comfortable. Honestly, they feel like you don’t have any on. The seamless part is even better because I can wear my leggings without worrying about underwear lines showing. It feels like a very thin liner is built-in to the underwear but doesn’t feel bulky when you wear a regular pad with it.

For the record, I do not do selfies so I’m no ‘professional’. You have no idea what I went through to get this picture of myself!

Knixteen ‘Oh-No' Proof Period Underwear

The first few days of both our periods are always SUPER DUPER heavy. I often wonder how it’s possible to lose that much blood. This also means leaks and sometimes those wings do not help out. Pads do stick easily to these underwear & wings wrap around it nicely. Neither of us had any accidents while wearing the period underwear, so I can’t really comment on if they actually work for that.

Knixteen ‘Oh-No' Proof Period Underwear

I personally love to wear this period underwear all the time. I’ve actually contemplated getting a pair for every day of the week. I love them. The Teen, on the other hand, doesn’t care for the bikini cut so I would have to get her the boyshorts.

Knixteen wants mothers everywhere to know about this product in order to empower their daughters to show their period who’s boss. For the launch, the brand released a serious of videos that use humor to encourage girls to face their periods head-on. They all use the hashtag #ShutUpPeriod and can be seen here!

For more information and some “Period Talk”, head over to Knixteen’s website.

Would you ever try period underwear yourself or your teen?


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9 thoughts on “Our Thoughts After Trying Period Underwear

  • What an interesting product! I have never tried them and my daughter is not even close to that age, but I will definitely keep them in mind.

  • Thinking about getting them for my daughter. She’s 13 , 5’2″ and 110 lbs. Do you think the medium would work? I would think if they are too big they may leak:(

    • Hi Stacey, they should fit perfectly since that’s the same size I have and I am a similar size.

  • thank you for this review! I was about to purchase some for my tween and myself but at $75 for 5 I was hesitant to push the CHECK OUT button! However, after reading your review, it sounds like they are fantastic! Off to purchase. Thx again!

    • Watch out, You won’t get a refund if the item doesn’t fit! terrible Customer Service

  • Great Blog!! Thanks for sharing this. This will grow awareness for the ladies. I always have a heavy flow and I could never find a pad or tampon that would absorb enough and give me the protection I need. A friend recommended I try your period panties, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am using Period Proof Panties of Pantiepads. and it was really awesome. If anyone wants to buy can call (805) 341-1929 or visit their website.

    Also yes Next time I will definitely try to buy this product which is mentioned above.

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    .thank you.

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