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Have You Been Pointing The Finger Of Planet Damage At Your Unsuspecting Property?

According to a Shelton survey, 9 out of ten Americans want to protect the environment, yet 84% of respondents were entirely unaware of how to do so. In fact, 6% reported not realizing that household energy consumption is the #1 contributor to manmade climate change!

These are worrying figures, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg in an age where more of us than ever treat issues like global warming as ‘other.’. More worryingly, still, many of us who fail to make positive changes at home do so because we assume that we’re unable, either because of our resources or, as we’ll be discussing here, our properties themselves.

Yes, homeowners really do blame their houses for a lack of positive environmental action, and here, we’re going to debunk the three primary myths that keep this belief afloat.

Have You Been Pointing The Finger Of Planet Damage At Your Unsuspecting Property?

1 – The size of our house makes cutting consumption hard

An astounding amount of homeowners automatically expect energy bills to be higher for a larger property, and many fall into the trap of increasing consumption accordingly. Unfortunately, the size myth is the creation of energy companies looking to make more bang for their buck, and there’s no factual grounding behind it. All you need to do is take efforts to turn off lights, keep energy consumption to the room you’re using, or even alter radiator valves to prevent unnecessary heat. These efforts to green up your home are guaranteed to see you reduce your carbon footprint, regardless of how big your shoe size.

2 – I don’t have the resources or space for eco-friendly improvements

Some homeowners also go the other way, especially those who live in apartments or smaller terraced buildings. In this instance, a lack of outside space or even an inability to install solar panels can be a convenient excuse to carry on burning fossil fuels and eating pesticide-sprayed fruit and veg. In reality, though, countless homeowners manage to do their bit from even the smallest spaces, and nothing is stopping you from doing the same. Even if you don’t have a garden, growing pots on windows and balconies are all that’s needed. Equally, a lack of space for your own reusable resources needn’t be a problem when you consider the communal green energy now offered by companies like Choosesolar. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of someone else’s solar energy no matter how large your roof space or garden!

3 – Our house simply doesn’t keep the heat

Many homeowners also make the rather weak claim that their property is terrible at keeping the heat in. In truth, though, there’s no such thing as a property that’s poorly equipped for energy savings. Something as simple as wall insulation, double glazed windows, or even just rugs and draught excluders, could all see you saving energy, and the environment, no matter how ill-equipped or ‘heat hungry’ your property seems.

As you can see, no matter your property, you ARE in a position to make positive change. So, what are you waiting for?

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