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Plants and Flowers for a Unique Holiday Gift

The holidays are upon us and everyone is bustling around finishing up their holiday shopping. You may be stuck on a few names on your list and need some gift ideas. If you need a unique gift-giving idea, and happen to live in NYC, then you should look into having flowers delivered in NYC.

Plants and Flowers for a Unique Holiday Gift

For some beautiful plant and flower arrangements, look no further than Plantshed. The family has been in the floral and botanical community in New York since the 1950s. With the help of their rooftop greenhouse on the Upper West Side, they are able to curate a gallery of native grasses, dramatic evergreens, blooming annuals, and a dense forest of tropical plants. Plantshed is also able to source stunning orchids (One of my favorites) and house them in the best growing conditions.

You can get gorgeous customizable and tailored arrangements for any event or occasion, thanks to Plantshed’s team with diverse backgrounds in landscape design, floral design, fashion, and horticulture.

Plants and Flowers for a Unique Holiday Gift

There are many services offered at Plantshed, including:

  • Flowers by subscription – customizable packages allowing you to source out seasonally available flowers and plants to be delivered directly to you on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.
  • Concierge services – providing premium florals and gifts for hotels and concierge services.
  • Installation & Maintenance – Plantshed’s expert staff will visit your site and observe your light conditions, making recommendations of appropriate plants and develop a care package tailored to the needs of the plants. They will make routine visits to water, prune and systematically treat the plants while fertilizing regularly so you can enjoy watching them flourish.
  • Office plant services – Routine visits ensure that the plants are thriving and always in the best condition.
  • Residential Botanical Design – their team with a background in fashion, art and design will curate a perfect botanical collection for your home.
  • Garden design – experienced landscape designers will help you work on any size garden to ensure it thrives.
  • Events – Corporate, Private, and Weddings

Make sure to take a look at Plantshed if you want flowers delivered in NYC through any of their locations or through their online shop.

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