Reason, Season, & Lifetime Friends

Reason, season, & lifetime friends. I’ve always strongly believed that we meet people throughout our lives for a reason. This poem has always stuck with me & it makes it easier to deal with when a friendship ends.

Friends for a Reason

Meeting someone for a reason means that they were there to teach you a lesson that you needed.

Someone could have swooped into your life and introduced you to new interests & hobbies. These could have shaped your lifestyle & then the person was gone as fast as they came in. Looking back at who you were before they appeared, you can see how much they influenced who you are today.

Maybe you had relationships with people who treated you wrong & made you realize that you’re worth more than that. You gained more self-confidence & worth which makes future relationships stronger.

Most everyone has a teacher or a guide that sticks in their mind because you looked up to them. They could have taught or shown you valuable lessons, and not just school subjects. I had an English teacher in high school that had us write vignettes at the beginning of class. It was my favorite thing to do & it sparked my love of writing.

Friends for a Season

A ‘seasonal’ person means they were there to help shape your personality & help you grow as a person.

This can be as simple as someone you met while traveling to a very deep relationship that has ended.

You could have met someone who has a very different personality and outlook on life as you. You may have learned to not take things so seriously from a free-spirited person or decided to travel more because of a friend you met on a trip. The ending of a deep relationship could have you evaluating your attitude & resulting in a positive change for the future.

Friendships for a season usually end with you having a different outlook on life, shaping your personality, future, & even career.

Friends for a Lifetime

Lifetime people are those who stick with you through the long haul.

These people could be family, the ones who are always there no matter what, such as parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. They have your best interest at heart & help push you towards your goals.

Lifetimers could also be the ex-partners that you share children with. No matter the outcome of the relationship, there is a lesson to learn from it. You both have the same goal in life, to raise your children as best as you can. Both can grow from this & learn how to respect each other & move on to other relationships with newfound knowledge.

Longtime friendships, such as friends from a young age, are not so easy to come by but do happen. You can stick together through all the changes & experience life-changing moments together.

And, of course, you have the loving, long-term partner, relationship. These are the people you feel are the ones we will stay with forever, the “love of your life”. Lifetime partners normally experience marriage, children, buying a home together, etc. and the chance to grow old together.


Knowing how each person you’ve come across fits into these categories will help shape you & bring clarity to situations. It can also ease the pain of losing a friend when you realize there was a lesson there that may have even changed you into who you are now.

Do you have people who were a reason or a season? I’d love to know about it below.

Jess Benoit

Jess is a homeschooling mama of 3, wife, gamer, Whovian, Nerd

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