Supermom Smoothies For A Busy Lifestyle

For moms, it’s important to prevent that midmorning crash and according to research, one of the best ways to prevent this is by starting the day off with a good meal. In fact, skipping breakfast is often cited as the reason we tap into our energy reserves, which is the reason for that slump. As moms know, that full breakfast isn’t always a possibility while prepping lunches and getting kids ready for school. However, take a few of those ingredients, add them to a blender with some ice or yogurt for a power-packed smoothie.

Supermom Smoothies For A Busy Lifestyle

Start off the smoothie with a base of either the following:

  • Ice
  • Greek yogurt
  • Milk alternative, followed by an ingredient from each section below. Top it off with a combination of your favorite fruits and veggies

Pack some power

Protein is one of the best ways to have access to sustainable energy throughout the course of the day, as it takes quite a bit longer than any of the other foods to digest. A healthy serving of protein can sustain a busy mommy for a good couple of hours before it’s time for the next meal. Peanut and other nut butters aren’t just great sources of protein, but also happen to taste great in a smoothie. Pumpkin seeds, tofu, and organic protein powder all make up delicious ingredients for a power-packed smoothie.

Sustain your energy

Whole grains and complex carbs are a great addition to any smoothie as they provide a slow release of energy. This is because the Glycemic Index is naturally low, which is a great way to sustain energy throughout the day. Great examples of these that taste great in any smoothie include buckwheat, millet, and oatmeal. For those who don’t like to experience blood sugar fluctuations, this is the ideal solution as there isn’t a massive burst of energy accompanied by a fast drop, which is ideal for diabetics and others who wish to regulate their blood sugar levels.

Start your day off with a kick

While there are a number of smoothie recipes out there that follow more or less the same basic ingredients, moms are designed to function at a higher level and, therefore, require some extra special fairy dust. A little bit of turmeric combined with some fresh ginger provides a cancer-fighting, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant kick that adds some depth of flavor to the smoothie as well. Cocoa-based smoothies pair up well with a tiny pinch of chili, and green smoothies are the perfect foundation for herbs such as mint and basil.

Smoothies are life’s greatest rewards for busy moms as they’re nutritional and tasty, two things that aren’t often combined in a mom’s diet.

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