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Splash Math Review

Splash Math Review

Splash Math is an award winning math program for kids of ages 5-10 which can be used both at homes and in schools. It has benefited over 9 million kids and has been used in over 50,000 classrooms. Available on iPads, Android tablets and web, Splash Math works across multiple platforms and devices.

Splash Math

Splash Math is an adaptive program. It personalizes math practice depending upon the child’s level of mastery and covers all math skills for all grades – Kindergarten through 5. It collects the practice data and shares analytical reports with the parents/teachers. I receive a weekly progress report for my youngest who is using the program. We use Splash Math everyday for around 30 minutes as part of our homeschool curriculum.

Splash Math Weekly Progress Report

Splash Math combines the best of both worlds. For a child, it appears to be like a game which rewards on getting answers correct, keeping them engaged all the time. For a parent, Splash Math covers all necessary math skills for their grade levels and provides crucial insight on the child’s performance.

Subscription Plans

There are 3 different plans to choose from:

  1. 1 Child account: $6.60 PER MONTH (Charged as yearly payments of $79)
  2. 1 Child Quarterly Account: $13.00 PER MONTH (Charged as quarterly payments of $39)
  3. Family 3 Child Accounts: $2.75 PER MONTH PER CHILD (Charged as yearly payments of $99)

Splash Math offers a 30 day money-back guarantee – you can easily cancel your account at any time from within the application.


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