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Swage Sport Plus Bluetooth Headphones Review

Swage Sport Plus Bluetooth Headphones Review

The hubs is obsessed with working out…especially to music. The only problem with that is that he loves to have the music blasting while the neighbors do not. In an attempt to not anger them, we tested out the Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones recently and he absolutely loves them. He’s able to do his workout routine, which includes push-ups, without worrying about the headphones falling off or getting in the way.

Swage Sports Bluetooth HeadphonesNeeding to hold onto or find a place to keep your smartphone or MP3 player while working out is a pain. You have to worry about it dropping or getting in the way if you use wired earbuds or headphones. These Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones have no wire (besides the one that wraps around the back of your head) so they do not get in the way of anything. They lay perfectly over your ears, are lightweight and have a great, crisp sound to them. A charging USB cord comes with it for easy charging. Headphones work with any Bluetooth compatible device.

Swage Sports Bluetooth Headphones

Buttons on the side of the headphones make it easy to control your music and even has Call Streaming! There is a built in microphone for phone calls. Calls sound great but I had to turn the volume down on my phone when the hubs called me while he used the headphones. It was a bit too loud on my end so it muffled it a bit. After lowering my volume a few notches it was perfectly fine. With the long battery life, hubs was able to use it for a few days before needing to charge it!

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  • Thanks for the idea for Father’s Day I am sure my husband will love these for his phone.


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