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Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats

Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats

I absolutely love to make our home smell amazing. With 2 cats and a dog (not to mention 3 nerdlings!), I am always looking for delicious scents to keep our house from smelling like dog and litter box. Recently, I was introduced to Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats on Etsy and fell in love. Not only are they so creative with their candles and scrubs, bath bomb and shower steamers, they are also made with safe and natural ingredients in mind.

Shop owner, Melissa, set me up with a goody bag full of candle melts, bath and shower bombs. I could smell the delicious scents faintly before even opening the package!

Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats

Candy Kisses Treat Candle Melts – Scent: Delicious

Baby Dish Candle Melt – Scent: Apple Mango Tango

Candy Melts – Scent: Best Friends

Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats - candle melts

Heart Cake Bath Bomb – Scent: Buttercream Cupcake (leaves your skin feeling super soft!)

Flowers Shower Steamer – Scent: Luxury Lavender (therapeutic vapors!)

Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats - bath & shower bombs

I personally did not have a wax warmer anymore so wasn’t able to use the candle melts myself but I passed them along to my stepmother and my sister. Each of them said that the different candle melts smelled ahhh-mazing, which of course made me jealous. I kept smelling them in the package and would have loved my house to smell like them!

Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats has many more products, shapes, fragrances, etc. at awesome prices so make sure to hop over to their Etsy shop to check them all out. There are also some great looking Holiday items and sampler packs that I would love to try out!

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