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Teaching The Kids About Sustainable Living

We are becoming far more aware as time goes on of our own impact on our planet. In the past century alone, we’ve managed (as a human race) to destroy much of the rainforests and pollute the oceans. We’re not taking the best care that we can of the planet, and the world that we are living in right now is a world that will be inherited by the kids we have as we move forward. We won’t always feel the disastrous effects – aside from the huge swings in fires and floods – but our children will.

Our population is growing, and our natural resources are depleting at a rapid rate. There are scientists out there right now trying to figure out a way to ensure that we can continue to live beyond a few hundred years. It’s up to us to do our part for the planet while we can, using alternative fuels and embracing composting and food from Superior Farms. When we lead a better, more sustainable lifestyle, we are able to look after the world around us with ease. The next thing that we MUST do is teach the kids how to live sustainably and to do that, we need to model it better. But how can we do that? Here are some of the ways that you can ensure that you teach them this valuable lesson.

Teaching The Kids About Sustainable Living

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  1. Be the example that they need. If you smoke, it’s likely your children will grow up and smoke as for them, this is normal. If you want them to look after the planet, then you need to live sustainably, too. Kids mimic their parents, so teach them how to recycle and teach them how to catch and cook their food. Grow gardens together and show them where their food is from; they need the lesson and the world needs their effort.
  2. Make sustainability a fun thing to do. You can teach children to have fun and be sustainable at the same time, and you can do this with animals and nature in lesson form. Get them stuck into the mud and the dirt and let them get their hands dirty occasionally. They need to see the joy of the very earth that grows their food and feeds animals.
  3. Get the kids involved as young as possible. From recycling in the kitchen to planting their own veggies, your kids can be involved and understand sustainability from a young age. It gives them a good start in understanding how the world works and how they can do their bit to better it, too.
  4. Keep reading together. Children are little sponges and you would be amazed at how many children’s books on sustainability there are. Adults can often recall some of their favorite books from childhood, so imagine your children recalling sustainable living and how to grow their garden? The good news is that there is a huge theme to this, and you can continue to read to them as they get older.
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