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The 6 Basic Styles for a Comfortable Living Room

The living room is the central place in a home where people spend most of their time. It is where they relax, have conversations, and entertain guests. The furniture you choose can make or break the look and feel of your living room. In fact, when it comes to the whole home, you may be surprised to know that this room has a lot of weight and can truly be the whole “make it or break it” to the entire space. This is where the family in the home comes together, this is where everyone relaxes, it’s usually one of the first rooms you enter when going into a house.

The 6 Basic Styles for a Comfortable Living Room

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In general, there is a lot of emphasis on this space, therefore it’s important that it reflects you and the rest of the people there. Whether you’re into low-maintenance decor hacks, or something more upscale, these are some basic styles that could potentially speak to you to transform your space into a little oasis!

Industrial style

Brick walls, plenty of metal, and a “cold” edgy feel to the space. if you’re living in a big city, or even somewhere that was once an industrial hub, then the industrial style for your living room could be a great way to pay homage.

Scandinavian design

The Scandinavian style and the minimalistic style both go hand in hand. You’re going to be met with clean lines, and little items as it’s quality over quantity. Plus, there may be a lot of monochromatic color schemes such as all white or all grey. It’s all about having little elements and appreciating the cleanliness, what is already there that you own. IKEA is the perfect example of Scandinavian style, as they’re a Swedish company that tends to keep this style in their style of furniture.

Modern Living Room Design

This style features clean lines and sleek surfaces, often white or black. The furniture pieces tend to be minimalistic with a few accent pieces that can add color to the space.

Minimalist Living Room Design

This style focuses on simplicity with only one or two colors dominating the space. The furniture pieces are typically sparse and there is no need for decorative items because it’s all about function over form.

Country Living

The wonderful style is all about setting your home, or at least the living room in a more rustic style. It’s very similar to the popular “Country Farmhouse” style which can include plenty of burlap, decorative accents featuring animals such as dear, older pieces of furniture that would have been used in country houses, and wooden detailing for the coffee tables, flooring, and even the walls. The popular “cottagecore” style also has a lot of similarities to this too.

French Country

Similar to the “country living” style that many homes have, the French country style is just as it sounds, it’s the elegance of the French, mixed in with the rustic elements of the countryside. You’ll find beautiful pastel colors, and aged and antique decor, this also extends to hints of burlap, and natural elements, but of course, the more elegant features as well like clean lines, golds, and maybe something fancy like a chandelier.

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