The Intermediate Guide to Waxed Canvas Duffle Bags

The Intermediate Guide to Waxed Canvas Duffle Bags

As the seasons change and we edge closer to Christmas and the end of the year. You may be wondering what you’d like to add to your Christmas wish list.

Why not think about adding a few new Waxed Canvas Duffle Bags to your secret list?

After all, you could have one for you and one for the love of your life.

Who knows, they may have plans to escape the chaotic world, post the pandemic, and take you away for a bit of sunshine and fun. You could pack your new waxed canvas duffle bag and be off at the speed of light.

Buffalo Jackson – Trading Co. Dry Goods, may offer you the perfect additions of style, uniqueness, and choice when it comes to finding the right waxed canvas duffle bag.

Do Bags Come in Different Colors?

Yes, indeed, they do. Buffalo Jackson waxed canvas duffle bags come in the following colors: Field Khaki; Navy Charcoal; Green and Green with Dark Briar. The bags also come in 5 different sizes. All bags are both stylish and extremely functional.

However, you may also like to scan the internet and do some further research to find the right bag to meet your needs.

Bags made from chrome-tanned leather come in many shades and hues. The colours can be matched with your favourite colours and fashion sense.

You can be on-trend and deliciously fashionable all at the same time.

How is Waxed Canvas Made?

British sailors first created waxed canvas. They discovered the potential of waxed canvas after observing wet canvas sails and how they caught the wind after being soaked in linseed oil. Oiled canvas has been used as waterproof clothing. In the present day, waxed canvas is produced by impregnating canvas fibers with wax.

The waxed canvas fabric is an excellent material that is durable and highly water-resistant.

Eco-Friendly Leather Alternatives

As the world becomes, greener and environmentally conscious, Innovations popping up worldwide are now producing fantastic vegan and eco-friendly alternatives equal to the durability of leather.

Here are a few of those alternative leathers for you to consider:

  • Pinatex – leather made from pineapple fibers.
  • Waxed Canvas and Organic Cotton.
  • Leaf Leather – made from leaves.
  • Recycled Rubber – made from rubber by-products.
  • MuSkin – alternate leather made from mushroom skins.
  • Coconut – coconut leather is made from coconut fibers.
  • Apple – apple leather made from dried apple skins.
  • Cork – leather made from cork fibers.

Many products made from these materials are now changing the world and support green ethics.

Home, Safe, and Sound

As the world battles the COVID 19 pandemic, and we are hidden indoors once again, take some time to consider your plans post the epidemic and start making a new vision for your future. These plans and thoughts may include booking a trip away, having a party to celebrate release and freedom, and spending time with family and friends you have been separated from during this period.

Enjoy looking at your choices of bags, add bags of style and color.

Photo by Adrienne Andersen

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