The “official” school year is over & Science!

Originally posted on our homeschool blog, Benoit Academy

Yesterday was our last day of “official” school. You’re probably wondering what exactly that means. Well, that means that we are taking a break during the summer from our normal school routine & focusing on more hands-on experiments, art lessons, lazy days, laying on the couch reading, gardening, outdoor water play time, whatever-we-feel-like-doing days!

It all started with a few science experiments. I had only planned 1 but J12 decided to add another to the list. For our 1st experiment we made our own paper! It was a long process & we only made a little label out of a brown paper lunch bag. The kids kind of wandered off anyway in the middle of it & that’s when J12 decided it was time to show us experiment #2.

She filled a glass jar with 1/2 water & 1/2 oil. Then she dropped in an ice cube. It was so neat watching it just float in the middle of the glass! We watched it for a while until it melted.

Last Saturday we also planted our 1st garden. I’ve had a few plants here & there before in pots but nothing ever really took so they don’t count…LOL. SO now every morning we go out & water them & check each plant out & note any changes we see. SO far we learned that broccoli starts out the fastest but yesterday we found that green beans will grow about 3 inches in 1 day!! I need to get a pic up of it but right now the only camera I really have is my webcam since I lost my actual camera right after Christmas.

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