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Trouble That Can Make Your Home Unsafe For The Family

There are certain issues that will result in your home being unsafe for your family. Here are some of the key examples that you should be aware of and that you may need to address around your home.

Trouble That Can Make Your Home Unsafe For The Family

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Mold can be a problem for a wide range of reasons in your home. For instance, you might have mold around your property due to poor levels of insulation. If that’s the case, then you’ll notice signs of mold around the windows and on the window sill. This can look like small pieces of dirt. While seemingly harmless mold does release harmful spores into the atmosphere. These spores can cause breathing difficulties or lead to existing difficulties getting worse, even over a limited period. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you clean it up as soon as you notice it.

Structural Issues

The saying goes ‘as safe as houses’. However, what happens when the home you live in isn’t structurally sound? There are multiple signs of a structural problem in your home. For instance, you might find that there are doors sticking around your property. You could also notice cracks traveling up the walls or uneven floors. Usually, a sudden change in the structural integrity of a property will be due to a change to the foundations. This could be caused by a buildup of water underneath the surface. It’s a problem that will need to be addressed immediately by a professional. There’s no DIY fix for a home with structural issues, regardless of your level of experience or skill.


Alternatively, you could have an issue with plumbing on your property. This could be due to an outside issue or it might be a problem inside your home. If you notice trouble with flooding on your property, then it’s important to get it fixed immediately. This is another problem that can impact the structural integrity of your home. Alternatively, you might find that flooding does cause mold to develop too. However, the mold associated with flooding damage can be both hidden and toxic. Be aware that even a pin-sized leak can cause flooding damage. That’s why it’s important to use emergency plumbing services to address the issue.


Finally, you might find yourself dealing with an infestation on your property. Many people assume that infestation only occurs when a property gets too dirty. However, this is not the case. In reality, an infestation can occur for a wide variety of reasons. Some of these can not be prevented however this situation can still be dangerous. Some insects bite while others create an unhygienic environment for your kids. Dealing with an infestation can be tricky because if you don’t handle it effectively, it will just repeat on a neverending cycle. That’s why it’s important to gain the support of an expert.

We hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you lots of advice and tips on how to rectify any issues you might run into when living in your family home.

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4 thoughts on “Trouble That Can Make Your Home Unsafe For The Family

  • Yeah, floods are the most common domestic accidents. Here are some issues which could cause this:
    – Leaky water heaters
    – Clogged drains
    – Leaking toilet
    – Toilet running constantly
    – Pipe Leaks
    – Garbage Disposal
    Fix these issues as soon as they are noticed.

  • Thank you for bringing it up! I also want to add such a thing to this list as dust. We know that dust can be hazardous for allergy sufferers. And generally, it affects our home’s air quality. But apart from this, dust can cause a fire as dust is highly flammable. Thus, remember to do regular cleaning. And remember to clean the space around your furnace. You can avoid dust build-up by vacuuming inside and around your furnace every month.
    For wall furnaces, clean inside the burner compartments. Clean this area at least once a month during winter to avoid lint buildup.
    For natural gas furnaces, the flame should burn blue. Orange or yellow flames may mean your furnace needs cleaning or adjusting by a professional.

  • Yes, it’s important to realize that even a little leak can become a large one, and it can grow fast. As water continues to run, often at full pressure through a hole, the hole has the potential to expand into a burst pipe. Be sure to check your pipes frequently for leaks and corrosion. If you’re experiencing leaky pipes, patching is available for purchase. If you don’t feel comfortable dealing with the leak yourself, you can always call a professional plumber. The main thing is not to delay.

  • Thank you for sharing this. Let me add one more thing.

    In order to be eco-friendly, many people switched to longer lasting CFL bulbs, but misuse of these bulbs can result in home fires. You shouldn’t be using these bulbs in pot lights, dimmers, recessed lighting or track lighting. If you have a dimmer, then you must use a bulb approved for dimming. If you are using the right kind of light bulb, make sure that it’s also the correct wattage for your light or fixture. When the wattage is too high, it puts your light at risk of damage or fire.


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