Ultimate Kids Slanket Review

The Ultimate Kids Slanket

Ultimate Kids Slanket Review

Have you heard of the Ultimate Slanket? It’s an awesome, gigantic fleece blanket with sleeves and I cannot describe in words just how amazingly comfortable & soft it is! I received the Ultimate Kids Slanket in red & black plaid. It’s a lightweight yet warm blanket. The Slanket is designed to keep your entire body covered and cozy while you can still use your hands.

The Ultimate Kids Slanket

Just to give you an idea of how big the Ultimate Kids Slanket is I laid it on our King Size bed! This is perfect for my son because he loves to walk around the house with his blanket all wrapped up. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, it’s just his thing I guess. These also come with a foot pocket! I just may have to borrow this sometimes. I could also see him using it as a regular blanket at night.

The Ultimate Kids Slanket

There are also adult sized Ultimate Slankets as well along with Siamese ones for 2 to share! How cool is that?!  The travel Slanket is the same as the Ultimate Slanket but without the foot pocket. Looking for a Onesie for yourself?? They have those also made of the same fleece material! I. could. live. in. that.

The Ultimate Kids Slanket is $26.99….perfect for the winter!

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 **UPDATED 4/9/15** My son uses this Ultimate Kids Slanket DAILY around the house & uses it as a blanket at night! This has become almost a part of him because he loves it so much!

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