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UnLock Math Review

*Originally posted on our homeschool blog, Benoit Academy.

UnLock Math Review

The Teen was able to review another great online Math curriculum called UnLock Math. We were given 1 year access for this and so far she has said that this is the one that is easiest for her. Not easy as in she already knows how to do it but easy as in it has been helping her to get through her lessons without absolutely hating math…and me for making her. She may be advanced in every other subject but Math is the one that gets her down. She has been working on UnLock Pre-Algebra for about 6 weeks now.

About UnLock Math

Alesia Blackwood and her husband are the founders of UnLock Math. She was a homeschooled child from 4th grade through middle school with a love for math. She decided that she wanted to become a teacher and, in 2000, that goal was accomplished. Her husband was also homeschooled since 4th grade and together they founded UnLock Math.

What makes UnLock Math unique is the fact that it breaks down math into bite-sized chunks. Students are shown videos that are fun and engaging while they explain and entertain! The questions are only shown one at a time so the students do not get overwhelmed by scrolling through and seeing what seems like a million questions. I know this is the number one problem The Teen has. She already hates math so sitting her down in front of a computer screen full of questions just leads to whining and complaining.

UnLock Pre-Algebra

UnLock Pre-Algebra helps to reduce the stress of math and gives the students a better comprehension and greater understanding of math. This course is broken up into 16 Units. The first 5 Units cover concepts that the student should already be familiar with. For The Teen, this was a great review to get her back into the swing of it instead of starting out with new concepts. Since it is the summer, we have been slacking off around here.

With UnLock Pre-Algebra, you get:

  • Engaging Teaching Videos – “Engage, Explain, and Entertain!”
  • Interactive & Adaptive Testing – instead of multiple choice testing, UnLock Math uses various question types to assess the student’s understanding.
  • Unlimited Practice & Review – UnLock Math adapts to your child’s learning needs so they can get in more practice if needed or move on if they don’t!
  • Immediate Feedback & Complete Solutions – this is so the student sees where they went wrong and get a better understanding of how to work out the problem.
  • Complete Grading & Extensive Reporting – updated in real-time for you and the student
  • Quizzes, Midterm & Final 
  • Reference Notes – Each lesson has printable notes to keep for future reference
  • Pacing Guide – Downloadable Pacing Guide gives you a break down as to how long each unit should take.
  • And more!

The lessons are easy to navigate and I love how they have a dotted line connecting to each step in the lesson so the student knows which to do next. The Student Dashboard enables you to get a quick glance of the student’s progress and if they need more practice in a certain area. This is also where their lessons are launched from. You can also access printable Progress Reports.

UnLock Math


I asked The Teen to write up her thoughts on UnLock Pre-Algebra:

The program is easy to use and the teacher makes it fun. I don’t like math but UnLockMath makes me think differently. It’s simple, and it gets the math lessons through your head without droning on. Instead, it’s fun.

Our usual curriculum for all 3 kids this past school year has been an online “all-in-one” curriculum. The Teen has told me that she wants to continue using UnLock Math instead of the math course included in that curriculum. I am totally fine with that! Her learning style is reading, not hands-on, and it has to be in short segments because, as much as she loves reading, she loses interest fast. As you can see from her quote above, UnLock Math is her preferred online math curriculum.

Interested in UnLock Math? You can take a look at some of their sample videos. Also, UnLock Math was awesome enough to offer my readers $100 off on an annual purchase!

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