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UQIQUE Mini Digital Voice Recorder Review

UQIQUE Mini Digital Voice Recorder Review

UQIQUE Mini Digital Voice Recorder Review

UQIQUE digital voice recorder, which can also be used as a hidden spy voice recorder, is arguably the smallest digital audio recording device in the market which uses ADPCM algorithm that transmits crystal-clear sound. Not just a digital voice recorder, it is also a MP3 player and a USB flash drive which can be used for recording classroom lectures and business conferences, music playback and data storage. With its pocket-sized design, you can carry this small and light-weight digital voice recorder wherever you go.

UQIQUE Mini Digital Voice Recorder Review

Technical Details

  • Built-in Memory: 8GB ; Recording Time: 96 hrs ; Recording Format: WAV ; Playback Format: MP3/WMA/WAV
  • Recording Bit Rate: 192 Kbps ; Sampling Frequency: 48 KHz ; PC-interface: USB 2.0 ; Battery Capacity: 3.V/80mAh ; System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

I reviewed this mini-recorder with my 9 year old son in mind. He loves to make up his own raps  and songs so I thought this would be perfect for him to quickly record them as they come to him. The first thing that I noticed when I turned it on was that it came pre-loaded with 2 songs – one of which was extremely inappropriate. I don’t know who the song was from but I’ve never heard it and was shocked at what the chorus was. I’m not even going to repeat it but it had no business being on this device! Thanks goodness I was the one who heard it with the earbuds on (included) instead of my son! Deleting the song off of the device was simple so keep that in mind before gifting this mini-recorder to someone else! After bringing this to the attention of the company, I was told that the devices no longer come pre-loaded with any songs.

I had a problem getting my desktop to acknowledge the mini-recorder until I realized that the USB plug wasn’t inserted all the way into the device. It looked like it was but I had to push harder to get it to ‘snap’ into place. As soon as I did that it popped up on the PC. You can easily manage your files on the computer. I used this on my Windows 7 desktop. Simple plug-and-play feature for file transfer, no installation needed on your computer. With a built-in 8 GB memory, you can store up to 96 hours of recordings easily. Take note though that existing files will be overwritten if the maximum 8GB memory is exceeded while recording.

UQIQUE Mini Digital Voice Recorder Review

Because of the small size there aren’t many buttons to operate the recorder. There’s an ON/OFF switch on one side which is also where you plug in the earbuds and USB plug. The other side has -/+ buttons. These are the buttons to use when scrolling through your songs and voice recordings. You also use these to control the volume by holding the buttons down until you find the desired volume. I found that the default volume is very loud and I have to turn it down every time I turn it on which is annoying.

Besides the inappropriate song, I feel like this is a device that my 9 year old son could operate on his own. When it comes to adding/deleting songs though I will have to help him out with that.

You can find the UQIQUE Mini Digital Voice Recorder at Amazon for $32.99 + FREE shipping for Prime Members.



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  • 8Gb internal memory!! Wow that is really cool. Thanks for this detailed review Jess, you’ve really covered everything in there.


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