How to Find Amazing Vegan Pizza

Pizza, even though originated in Italy has now gained worldwide popularity. The cheesy delight along with the soft crust and great toppings, make it a perfect delicacy for you to try at least once in your life. Once you have tried it, there’s no turning back. You will fall in love with it completely. Now, there’s a new trend hovering around the pizza market and that has to do with vegan pizza, for sure! PETA is now currently working hard to offer vegan products to the pizza companies for making some delicacies on a global basis. From the amazing vegan cheeses to the veggies, faux meat and what not, such vegan options are going to add that great taste to your taste buds.

How to Find Amazing Vegan Pizza

Types of Vegan Pizzas Available:

So, you might want to try out the best vegan pizza of all time. Multiple pizza brands have accepted this challenge and coming up with new and delicious variations of such pizzas. So, in case you are looking for quality vegan pizzas of all time, try to chalk out the points listed below:

· You can try the amazing tofu pizza all the way from localized pizza stores. Other than tofu, for toppings, you have tempeh and Daiya cheese to work well with the olive oil. Adding pizza sauce is common, don’t you think? So, to add that extra flavor to the vegan options, these companies are using BBQ sauce or the red sauce, as some of the alternative options.

· Well, want to try something completely different, which you haven’t tasted before? If so, then NOLA themed vegan pizza can be one great option for you to bang on. To add a flavor of uniqueness, you have rice pizza and red beans as some of the additions to the list. This is definitely going to tantalize your taste buds to a completely new level. Not only that but for the bonus round, you have vegan cheese added to these delicacies.

· Going for the homemade vegan cheese will add that rich texture and taste in your vegan pizza. You will hardly come across people ready to add that vegan option to your side and few of them will use homemade ones. So, keep your eyes open and start looking for the ones you like. Well, tofu and mock duck are some of the available toppings you will find around here. The homemade vegan cheese is mostly prepared using cashews and tofu, so the taste is just perfect!

· Some chosen pizza corners have a completely different menu, dedicated for vegan pizza lovers. These lists are going to boast the current Italian American favorites. Some of those are fried calamari, mozzarella sticks and the Caesar salads, which can seriously accompany your vegan delight. To top it all, and in a literal sense, the pizza comprises of green peppers, seitan sausage, seitan meatballs, soy pepperoni, mushrooms, tomato sauce and the major Daiya mozzarella. So, you can’t expect anything but the best right from your first bite.

How to Find Amazing Vegan Pizza

Get the Best Pizza in Hand:

There are so many vegetarian restaurants and pizza corners offering their clients with amazing vegan pizza option. If you want to know more about the right ones among the lot, then research can save your time. From the thin and crispy crust to the one with popular vegan cheese option, loads of options are available these days. Some cafés are humble enough to share some of their recipes online. So, the next time if you want to try your hand at making vegan options with all the ingredients near hand, such recipe might help. These recipes of mouth-watering delicacies are too hard to resist.

Have you found an amazing vegan pizza near you? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to Find Amazing Vegan Pizza

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5 thoughts on “How to Find Amazing Vegan Pizza

  • This is great resource for anyone looking for vegan pizza. I am super glad that you shared this. I may not be vegan but I know a lot of people who are!

  • Rice and Beans on a pizza? I have never heard of such a thing but I’m in!! It sounds like a good idea to me.

  • I have never thought of Vegan Pizza, but your options sound amazing. Sadly I don’t think there are many options near me:( I will have to make some at home!

  • As long as it tastes ‘normal’, I’d give it a try. But I’m sure I’d revert to my favorite – pepperoni!

  • Nice to have some options for vegan pizza when we have vegan guests over. Something a little different. I can’t say I have tried vegan cheese before, it would be interesting to try.


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