Victorian Christmas Unit

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Yesterday, I posted in my Weekly Wrap-Up/Homeschool Mother’s Journal post that I was putting together a Victorian Christmas unit for J12 & that I would post those at a later date. Wellllll…it wasn’t until after I posted it that I realized just how close Christmas was! So here is a quick list of some of the links I have found.

Victorian Christmas Unit

A Charles Dickens mini-unit
  • Read A Christmas Carol. You can find it  online here along with reading comprehension questions. You can also download it for Kindle or Nook here. (You can download the FREE Kindle Reading app to read it on other devices such as your PC.)
  • Here you can find a biblical lesson of A Christmas Carol.
  • Make copywork from each chapter.
  • Watch Charles Dickens animated biography.
  • Watch video on what London was like during Dickens’ time.
  • Play Survive Dickens’ London.
  • You can get more great ideas here.
Victorian Christmas
  • Old Fashioned Victorian Christmas has tons of great links for activities & crafts.
  • Make Your Own Victorian Christmas – 25 activities to do at home. And while there you can check out the history of Christmas.
  • Victorian Christmas: Games & Activities. Scroll down to the bottom of that post to find links to Gifts, Food & Drink, Decorations, & Crafts!
  • Here is a collection of resources from
  • If you would like an all-in-one Victorian Christmas unit, NIA Unit Studies has one for $12.99! Included are crafts/projects, cooking, online games, literature, movies, & open ended researching for hands-on ideas. Also, includes notebooking pages & ideas for your own Victorian Christmas party!

J12 is obsessed with everything Victorian. So even though this year is supposed to be “everything Medieval” she will be studying this time period on her own. I will post about all those other finds later!

For more free Christmas resources check out my other posts here & here!

Happy Holidays!



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10 thoughts on “Victorian Christmas Unit

  • I love this! Later next week we are going to a Victorian Christmas at a historic house in our city. It will have actors that re-enact that time period, as well as a fully decked-out Victorian house!

    • Oh that's so awesome!! I bet your family will love that! I would love to see pics!

  • Absolutely sensational!! I pinned it and I&#39;m hoping to get to do a few things this week with my kids! Wat amazing resources! Wow…<br /><br />Ok I have ONE thing to add: the DW ep in season 1 when they go back to Dickens&#39;s time on Christmas Eve! <br />(Hey if I get away with a comedy central clip –I THINK it was comedy central—of David Tennant and Catherine Tate in the substitute

    • Thank you! <br /><br />I DO know the clip you are talking about! It is absolutely hilarious! I&#39;ve watched it a few times. I loved those 2 together…&amp; how could I have forgotten about the Dickens DW?!?! Oy! <br />

  • We are planning to do Dickens as well! Thank you for sharing these resources!

  • This is very cool! Thanks for sharing all your hard work and research with this lazy homeschool mom!

    • LOL no problem at all! I&#39;m a lazy mama so it&#39;s nice when it&#39;s all planned out.


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