Vitalicious EnergyLoaf‏ Review

Vitalicious EnergyLoaf‏

I know that I am always looking for a way to boost energy without drinking those nasty (and most of the time unhealthy) energy drinks. Of course I enjoy the sweet, sweet liquid gold, otherwise known as coffee, in the morning but after adding all of the creamer into it then it’s not so much healthy anymore! I was sent some Vitalicious EnergyLoaf‏s try out and I was not let down!

The Vitalicious EnergyLoaf‏ is a breakfast and snack food. There are 3 different flavors to choose from – Banana Nut, Apple Cinnamon Crumb and Harvest Corn and each box includes 4 mini loafs. I cannot choose a favorite out of the three because they were each amazingly delicious!

The EnergyLoaf contains a unique combo of fiber, protein, and B vitaminsnot scary stimulants in many energy drinks and bars – to help you feel your best throughout the day!

Each 1.9 oz. individually-wrapped EnergyLoaf is fully baked and then flash frozen to lock in freshness, maintain nutritionals and deliver “Freshly Baked Taste” anytime. As with all Vitalicious’ products, the EnergyLoaf is made without preservatives or artificial coloring.

Vitalicious EnergyLoaf Banana But

  • Banana Nut – real bananas, walnuts and organic sugar along with vital nutrients


  • Apple Cinnamon Crumb – real apple chunks, organic sugar, and vital nutrients


  • Harvest Corn – whole corn kernels, organic sugar and vital nutrients

These would make great snacks for anyone on the go or a late night one not to mention a nice quick healthy breakfast for those scrambling in the mornings!

Where To Buy:

You can order Vitalicious Energyloafs at or check out the store locator to find a store near you! (Look for Vitalicious products in Breakfast OR Natural & Organic Frozen Section at your local Grocery store.)

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