We are moving! In more ways than one!

We are moving! In more ways than one!

Just a quick update to let you all know that we are finally moving! We got the official call yesterday so now we are starting the lovely process of packing & purging. JOY! But, obviously, that means I will not be on here as much until it’s over.

I am also in the process of switching over my blog (Benoit Academy) so that should all be complete after we are finally settled into our new home & get internet set up…hopefully not too long from now. So watch for that soon! We are so excited, though a little sad since the kids will be moving away from their friends. A lot of things are falling into place for us which leads us to believe we are on the right path.

Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “We are moving! In more ways than one!

  • Good luck, friend!!<br />I&#39;ll look forward to details you share on the new home once you&#39;re settled.:)<br /><br />God bless xo

    • Thanks Chris! I know I haven&#39;t been on here as much as before….I have all sorts of craziness going on but all good craziness! :p


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