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Week in Review 10/21 – 10/27

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Our Homeschool Week in Review 10/21 – 10/27 2013

This week went by pretty smoothly. The Son got his 1st pair of glasses!! He was so excited. He has to wear them for 30 days all day & then go back to the doctor to have them checked.


During our Fall of Rome study we made a Roman Signum. Each one of the kids decorated their own ‘metal’ circle & J12 came up with the yarn idea. That was pretty fun. We also read Beowulf as our family read-aloud while the internet guy was here fixing our wifi. I think he took longer than normal because he was listening to the story!


We are using free lapbook pieces from & pasted them on the back of J12’s notebooking pages for each chapter. I also made a homemade timeline on my bedroom door. I had a bunch of word strips from the Dollar Tree so I flipped them over to the back & taped them together, added dates, & hung it up on the door.

Now when we are going through or Story of the World book we can add pictures to the timeline!


I decided it was time to attempt Spelling again with The Son. I set him up with Spelling City & he is doing great! Only missed 1 word on his test. I figured Kid Baker could use it too so I plugged in her sight words & a few word family words & it has helped her out a lot. Also, I started her on ClickN Kids Phonics. She did 1 lesson a day. The Son was using this last year so I switched his name out with hers & off she went.

J12 is needing some more of a challenge with her lessons. She is like a sponge & just flies through everything! This is a child who is reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets for fun for crying out loud! Guess it’s time to do more adjusting but not really sure where to start or how far to go.

I forgot to mention before that The Son and Kid Baker told me that they were missing Calendar Time. I had made a binder for them last school year but they had got bored of it about 3/4 of the way through the year so we stopped. I found a cute & simple daily learning notebook from Confessions of a Homeschooler that we have been enjoying. I put some of the sheets in page protectors & we use dry-erase markers. You can find the free printable notebook here.

So there you go…a pretty easy week of school! Let’s hope next week goes just as smooth!


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