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Weekly Wrap-Up/The Homeschool Mother’s Journal

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Weekly Wrap-Up/The Homeschool Mother’s Journal 11/2/2013

This week was a fun-filled one! We celebrated Halloween with some different activities. You can view that post here.

It was a short week for school since we really only did seat work Mon & Tues.

Wed, the hubs was off & we usually take a day off with him if he’s home since it’s too distracting for the kids & it keeps me sane! We just hung around the house & then hubs went out & bought our pumpkins for us to carve Thurs. We had our baking lesson while making Halloween cookies that night & music/PE class while listening/dancing to some fun Halloween-y music!

Thurs was Halloween so our art lesson for the day was pumpkin carving! It was also our science lesson as they pulled out the guts of the pumpkins & a math lesson while seeing how many seeds each pumpkin had. We also had PE & music lessons again while listening/dancing to more Halloween-y music.

Fri was our Catch-up On Housework day. (Though today you wouldn’t have ever guessed!)

How I feel.


How my kids feel!


The kids also got with all of their neighborhood friends later in the day & they all traded candies.

Sat., today, is a quiet/rainy day here. The hubs took the kids to his dads house for the day & I am once again playing catch-up on housework & planning out our Thanksgiving Unit Study for the month. I miss them but it’s nice to have some quiet time to myself.

Here is a great list of special days in November if interested. My awesome friend, Betty Jo, put a lot of hard work into it & I know I will be using it for my planning.

Next week I think we will put our SotW lessons on hold while we start our Thanksgiving/Pilgrim Unit. Can’t wait to actually sit down & see what the kids are thankful  for each day!


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up/The Homeschool Mother’s Journal

  • That comic was perfect for today. We are catching up on housework today and laundry has been a discussion. The kids are supposed to do their own but I keep finding clean and folded clothes in our dirty laundry…

  • Oh haaha that is exactly how I feel with the laundry!!!! So funny. Love your pumpkin carvings. 🙂 <br />Thanks for linking up This week… at Great Peace Academy.

    • I knew that pic was perfect for that!! Thank you &amp; of course! 🙂


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