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What Attracts Rodents To Your Home In The First Place?

According to the Census Bureau, around 14.8 million Americans reported seeing rodents in their homes. It is a terrifying thought, especially if you are not a fan of mice!

The good news is that, thankfully, humanely removing rodents is a lot easier than you might think. Using natural repellents can be a fantastic way of encouraging rodents to leave your property without necessarily having to set traps. You can also reach out to specialists for professional pest removal services that will ensure you won’t meet your unwanted rodent guests again! But to ensure effective and durable pest removal, you need to answer an important question:

What brought the rodent to your home in the first place? Identifying and addressing the things that make your home welcoming to rodents can protect you from future invasions.

What Attracts Rodents To Your Home In The First Place?

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Cluttered interior

If you struggle to keep your home tidy, chances are clutter accumulates faster than you can react. The problem with clutter is that removing it requires long-term dedication. You need to tackle the existing clutter and make sure you don’t create new ones! So starting a habit is never easy, which is why many Americans find themselves feeling suffocated by the clutter. Unfortunately, a cluttered room is a paradise for rodents as it provides plenty of nesting spots. Additionally, when clutter goes undisturbed for a long period, it can take a long time to notice that mice have made your home theirs!

You have no pet

Cats are the first animal that comes to mind when you think of hunting rodents. However, dogs can also be helpful companions in deterring mice from moving in.
Having pets that could hunt and harm rodents is a great way to scare pests off your property. However, you need to consider some essential conditions:

  • Rodents tend to be scared of pets in small houses where there are limited safe spots to hide.
  • If your pet is not allowed inside the house, their presence will not stop rodents from invading the property.
  • Places out of reach of your pet, such as a ladder-accessible loft or a locked basement, are more prone to rodent invasion.
What Attracts Rodents To Your Home In The First Place?

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Your home has leaks

Whether they are holes in the roof or a broken window, leak spots are an opportunity for rodents to go inside and seek shelter. It is important to spot signs of leaks early so you can get them fixed.

  • Signs of a roof leak: The temperature in the room underneath the roof drops. The ceiling is cold to the touch.
  • Signs of a hole in the wall: The wall is cold to the touch. You struggle to heat the room and maintain the temperature.
  • Basement leak: Increased moisture levels in the room just above the basement. The floor is cold.
  • Cracks in the foundation: The house is tilted or has sunken slightly. You experience high moisture levels after a rainy day.

In conclusion, rodents are more likely to come into your home if they have easy access and can hide safely on the property. It is important to remember that rodents generally seek shelter and food. They are constantly on the look for places that provide what they need. Therefore, it goes without saying that leaving food around or failing to keep a tidy pantry can significantly increase risks.

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