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What Can We Do To Beat Summer Heat?

The summer has barely started, but heat waves have been descending on the United States since May. In the last few days, habitants of Southern California to West Virginia and all the way to Florida have experienced record-breaking temperatures for the season. Weather stations recorded almost 100 degrees on June 15 in Atlanta and Chicago.

Climate change and global warming warnings have frequently made the news. So, unfortunately, we know what to expect. If the temperatures are already breaking records now, chances are that July and August will be very hot and unpleasant. So what can we do at home to fight the summer heat?

What Can We Do To Beat Summer Heat?

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Creating some coolness inside your home

A little can go a long way when it comes to blocking the heat inside your home. For instance, considering new insulation solutions can completely transform indoor temperatures. Indeed, poor insulation is likely to let the heat through, which means that it becomes increasingly hard to cool down your property.

Some of the most important areas of focus in summer are:

  • The under-roof area
  • Basement
  • South-facing walls

It is worth reaching out to an insulation expert to ask for a quote and an audit. Proper insulation could keep your interior temperature down by several degrees, helping you stay fresh and comfortable.

Adding some shades to block out heat

Nothing like an exciting garden to reduce the temperature in summer. Planting vibrant flowers and bushes can serve more than one purpose. Indeed, maintaining your garden adds an elegant touch to the property, removing potential clutter accumulated over the colder months.

Tall plants can help protect your home from direct sunlight by casting shade on the roof or against the wall. It can help reduce the indoor temperature by a few degrees in summer!

Finally, plants tend to bring freshness by creating oxygen and moisture, which means that the properties with a garden are more likely to stay cool!

What Can We Do To Beat Summer Heat?

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Perhaps you could live elsewhere

Summer heat doesn’t affect every location in the same way. If you live in a state such as Arizona or Texas, you are more likely to struggle with extreme heat, as the desert landscape maximizes hot temperatures. Yet, a state with a large body of water, such as lakes, and a woodland area, can naturally filter the worst of the summer heat. So, if your career allows you to consider long-distance moving without negative professional impact, it may be a suitable solution for long-term comfort.

Hopefully, these few tips can help you make summer 2022 comfortable, enjoyable, and safe for everyone.

Beware: Changing the location or growing tall garden plants doesn’t cancel the environmental risks associated with global warming. It is everybody’s responsibility to reduce their environmental footprint by managing CO2 emissions, decreasing waste, and focusing on eco-friendly and organic solutions. As experts recommend: Healing the planet starts at home, through tactical decisions. We still have a long way to go to protect the planet for future generations. Switching to renewable energy and using energy-efficient appliances are only the first steps of a long journey. These steps may not change how you perceive the summer heat in 2022 or even in 2023. But it could mean that our children will not suffer even more in the decades to come.

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  • Good ideas! By the way, swimming in the pool is another way to cool off. If you don’t have a swimming pool in your backyard yet and the summer in your city is pretty hot, think about installing it.


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