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What Winter Can Do To Your Home

Winter can be a pretty hefty season to have to bear. And let’s face it, your home bears the brunt of it! One bad winter and you could be missing an entire wall of siding, and let’s not even mention just how faulty the guttering can get by the time January rolls around. As such, you’ve got to prepare your home for winter, and at the very least, know how the weather can affect your home during the season. This is why we’ve brought this post to you; here are the main ways some bad winter weather will damage your property, and what you should do next to minimize the risk.

What Winter Can Do To Your Home

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Freeze You Out

How cold is your home right now? Even with the heating on full blast, do you still feel cold? Does it still feel like there’s a chill in the air? This is a sign that your home is either not insulated properly or there might be a fault in your heating system somewhere.

And while the former problem will let the cold in, the latter problem could be due to freezing in the first place. Either way, you’re being frozen out, and it’s time to put a stop to how the cold weather is marching on! Make sure your pipes are wrapped up warm, think about investing in new insulation, and even just put a towel at the bottom of the door to block heat holes.

Cause Roof Damage

Your roof holds up under the most extreme of circumstances. It takes all the sunshine that dries it out, it takes the mild spring weather that can lead to mold growth, and it does its best to keep the rain and hail off during the winter. However, even a good roof won’t hold up forever, especially if your home is over 50 years old and has never had any work done up there.

So now might be the time to call out a professional to take a look. If you can’t notice any signs of damage from the street, or internally, then it’s great news! But if you’ve heard some tiles slipping off, or the roof looks a bit weird from ground level, get in touch with a residential roofing company. You’re going to need some work done to ensure the rest of the winter doesn’t force you out of the house entirely!

Blow it Away

And finally, the winter wind is one of the worst for damaging your home. Not only can it once again damage the roof, but it can also damage the walls, the foundation, and the overall structural integrity of your property. But what can you do? Keep an eye out; if you notice something cracking, call someone to see to it. You can try sealing it off yourself but you just don’t know how deep that crack really goes.

The winter can do a lot to your home! Be vigilant and try to prepare with the tips above.

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