Which Italian Dishes Should You Try Right Now

When it comes to cuisine that is delicious, filling, hearty, and just all-around tasty – Italian dishes are it!

There are so many different flavor profiles for you to try that it can be difficult to choose which dishes pack the most punch in terms of flavor. And there is always the problem that once you have tried it in a restaurant, you will want to make it home!

Which Italian Dishes Should You Try Right Now

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Pasta Puttanesca

If you enjoy spaghetti bolognese, then you are for sure going to love pasta puttanesca. Although the name is a bit on the rude side when translated – the dish itself is nothing but wholesome and delicious.

Puttanesca is incredible because it can be made using ingredients that many people typically have in the cupboard, like tinned anchovy, black olives from a jar, and whole plum tomatoes. If you can wait to cook this one, try this pasta puttanesca asap!


Pesto on toast, pasta, in sauces, or drizzled over a salad – there are so many ways that you can enjoy pesto! It’s not just the green pesto that we typically think of that is available, either.

You can add a little spice by grinding in fresh or dried chilies.

To make your pesto in a flash, you need a handful of fresh basil, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts, and parmesan or pecorino.

If you want to keep it true, make it with a pestle and mortar and skip the blender.


One of the most simple yet staple dishes – all you need to make this is ground polenta, water, and a little bit of salt.

You’ll need to pay a lot of attention to this one and stir it often over an hour, but once it is ready, you can plate it with anything. It will readily accept the flavors from meat, vegetables, sauces, and oils.

If you want to keep the polenta simple, add some cheese to the dish and eat it as it is.

Fritto Misto

Crunchy, crispy, lemony, and lovely. This mixed-fried seafood dish is a bowl of crunchy goodness. You’ll find small squid, tentacles, red mullet prawns, and a range of other fish in it.

Often served with a decadent dipping sauce, this dish is simple but offers a huge amount of flavors for very little effort. If you find this on a menu now, you are likely to notice that there are vegetables added in.


No matter what type of restaurant you are in, it is a delicious dessert if you see it on the menu. It is easy to enjoy since everyone knows the base ingredients and flavors of tiramisu and roughly what the textures should be.

After a delicious main meal, the coffee, cream, and light alcohol flavors are wonderful and warm.

While pasta and pizza are delicious, there is so much more to Italian cuisine that will have your taste buds tingling, and look up how you can replicate the dish at home.

If you want to start with something delicious and a little easier, check out this Easy Lasagna Recipe.

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