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Yard Upgrades That’ll Make Your Heart Sing

Most people don’t fully understand the potential of their yard. They see it as an outdoor space with a few plants in it, but it could be so much more than that.

To see what yards are really capable of, it’s a good idea to go to a show garden and take a look at what other people are doing. The results of their efforts are often truly spectacular. It’s not just the time and effort they put into them, but the way they make you feel when you are there. You can literally feel the love and dedication in the place.

Yard Upgrades That'll Make Your Heart Sing

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Want to transform your yard? Check out these incredible backyard upgrades that’ll make your heart sing.

Change Your Yard Plan

All backyards need a plan. You need to create a certain underlying structure that everything else follows, similar to a room plan.

Your best option is to draw an aerial diagram or get a professional to do it for you. Map out where you would like everything to go. Make sure that everything is proportional and functional at the same time. Ensure that you can use as many spaces in your yard as possible. Try to create something truly beautiful that makes you feel inspired every time you walk through it.

Add Pathways Everywhere

Yard Upgrades That'll Make Your Heart Sing

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Ideally, you want your yard to feel like somewhere you can explore at your leisure. Therefore, adding pathways in many places helps.

For instance, suppose that you want your backyard to be dominated by planters. Instead of lining them all up in a row, put paths between them so you and your family can walk around them and enjoy them. Put seating down strategically so that you have plenty of places to go and appreciate the view.

Give Yourself More Yard Privacy

While some people don’t mind their yards being overlooked, it’s a problem for many. Knowing that neighbors could be watching you from afar makes you feel inhibited.

The trick here is to shield yourself from various lines of sight. You could use a wood fence, pergola, or even bushes to achieve this. Just make sure that you develop a solution where you feel comfortable. You don’t want a trip to the backyard to be an awkward experience. It should make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Pay Attention To Your Fruit Trees

While plants and shrubs might be popular, it’s fruit trees that really bring a backyard together. Not only are they often the perfect height (not growing too tall), but they provide you with a bounty harvest every year.

Fruit tree options depend on where you live, so research what thrives most in your area. In the north, you can grow apples, pears, and plums, while in the south you can experiment with figs, oranges, olives, and even dates.

Skip The Lawn

Lastly, you don’t have to dedicate the lion’s share of your backyard to the lawn. Instead, you can use the space more creatively, or break up the lawn into smaller chunks. This gives the yard a more organic feel.

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