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4 Tips For First-Time Designated Drivers

It’s your first time being the designated driver on a night out with your friends. Yep, you pulled the short straw, but it was bound to happen eventually. While everyone else has fun, you’re the one that must stay sober and provide transportation when the night is over.

4 Tips For First-Time Designated Drivers

As this is your first time, it’s good to go over a few tips to help you through this experience. Even the best drivers will struggle when forced to be designated drivers as there’s a lot you’re responsible for. So, here are the best tips to help out:

Don’t give in to peer pressure

Your friends will probably try tempting you with drinks before you go out – and definitely when you’re at the bar/club. Don’t give in to peer pressure or temptations; you need to stay within the legal limit or you could be arrested for drunk driving. It’s not even worth having one drink. Resign yourself to the fact that this night is a sober one!

Know the open alcohol laws in your state

In some states, it’s illegal to carry open alcohol in your car – even if you’re not the one holding or drinking it. We strongly encourage you to learn more about What States Can You Have Open Alcohol in the Car in your spare time. Check if your state is on this list. If it isn’t, your friends will not be allowed to drink in the car. Make sure nobody brings anything with them or you’re the one that gets penalized if you’re stopped by the police.

Make sure all passengers are wearing seatbelts

You know what it’s like when the alcohol starts flowing. People forget basic things – like their own safety! Don’t start driving until you’ve checked that everyone has their seatbelt on. Yes, you can feel like an annoying parent talking to little kids, but that’s just what the designated driver experience is all about. You don’t want to be involved in an accident when someone isn’t wearing a seatbelt – it can make an incident go from minor to severe just like that!

Try to enjoy the night!

You don’t need alcohol to have fun. If anything, you should be a bit worried if the lack of alcohol means you’re not enjoying yourself. The fact you’re not drinking shouldn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful night with your friends. Get some alcohol-free drinks and dance the night away with them. Who knows, you may find that this is way better than before. You wake up in the morning with no hangover and a complete memory of the night’s events. It means you never do something you regret, nor do you spend the entire day with a pounding headache.

Other than these four things, there’s not much else to think about when you’re the designated driver. The most important thing is ensuring you abide by the laws and keep everyone safe. Like it or not, as the only sober member of your party, you’re mainly responsible for getting the gang home safely that evening.

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