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Have You Discovered DiscoveryK12? It’s FREE!

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DiscoveryK12 FREE Online Homeschool

Discovery K12 is a free online homeschool & curriculum for children grades K – 12! I discovered this recently & have been going through it all & LOVE what I have been seeing! I love it so much that I decided to use this with M7 & L9 during this upcoming school year.

Discovery K12 offers a traditional, Non-Common Core curriculum that gives students a world-view using today’s cutting-edge technologies. Reading classic literature, writing essays, creating presentations, and conducting research are important aspects to the program. Discovery K12 is a flexible program that allows parents to use all or parts of the curriculum with full control over the instruction. ~Discovery K12 website

They offer 7 standard courses including Language Arts, Reading/Literature, Math, Science, History/Social Studies, Visual/Performing Arts, and Physical Education.

  • New Assignments each DayDiscovery K12 Free Online Homeschool
  • Over 16,000 Lessons
  • Weekly Spelling Program
  • Quizzes and Tests
  • Grading and Reporting
  • Classic Literature eBooks
  • Fun and Easy-to-Use




You can start the year with them (Sep 2nd, the day after Labor Day, is the official start date for the DK12 2014-2015 school year). OR, if you are going by your own schedule, like us – we start Aug. 18th, you can use the Past Assignments that are broken up by days 1- 180!

Each day has all of the subjects listed with the assignments. You just click & go! At the end of each day there is a section to email the parents/guardians a summary of what the child has learned that day. It’s a great way to keep track of the lessons  – especially for those who need to keep records.

You can view a Sample Student Account!


Discovery K12 FREE online Homeschool2014-2015 Curriculum
Discovery K12’s curriculum for each grade is now posted online and you can review the units and topics covered for each course. View curriculum by grade.

Extra Curriculum
This September, they will be launching the following free extra curriculum courses: Spanish 1, HTML Coding, and Healthy Living. Once launched, these courses will automatically appear in your account!

DK12 Platform Upgrades
They are completing several development projects in time for the 2014-2015 school year & expect to have the following added to the platform:

1. Expand reporting in the Grade Book to show detail
2. Searchable assignments and courses across all grades
3. Digital spelling quizzes based on your own schedule

Have you discovered Discovery K12 as well? Are you planning on using it in your homeschool? Let me below in the comments what your thoughts are on this great site! Used it before? Add any tips that you may have below as well!



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