Donna Heels by Hotter

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Donna Heels by Hotter

Nothing completes an outfit better than a gorgeous pair of shoes. I’ll be honest and say that I am the least fashion conscious person you will ever meet but I do know enough to tell you that these Donna Heels by Hotter are gorgeous and amazingly comfortable heels. I love the whole sophisticated vintage look to them – swing dancing or even Edwardian. These specific heels are the Jet Black Donna Heels in Standard size 6, 100% Leather. The inside of the shoes have a beautiful flower pattern.

Hotter is the Britain’s biggest shoe manufacturer, making a pair of shoes every 20 seconds in their factory and they are hoping to make the US Hotter …. one step at a time. Customers across the US can buy in confidence thanks to Hotter’s 100% Happy Guarantee which makes exchanges and returns hassle free.

Hotter has secret Comfort Concept® features in every pair of shoes, including:

– Underfoot cushioningDonna Heels by Hotter
– Flexible soles
– Super soft leathers and nubucks
– Lightweight
– Fittings to suit you – Slim, Standard, Extra Wide, EEE
– Women’s sizes 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 11

Donna Heels by Hotter

Each of their comfortable heels have Pyramid Technology, which is hidden deep inside the sole. This is a pyramid shaped foam pad which contracts and traps air as you walk, acting as a cushion to the balls of your feet. The tiny cushioned pyramids, directly above the flexi-grooves built into the soles of Hotter’s shoes, enhance the shoes’ flexibility and maximize cushioning, making them the most comfortable heels you’ll ever wear.

These specific heels are the Jet Black Donna Heels in Standard size 6, 100% Leather. Our teen loves this style and the eras that these Donna Heels seem to step out of. I am sure she will get much more use out of them than I will since she has the outfits to actually wear them with. (I’m not sure yoga pants/jeans and a tee would go quite as well for me, but hey, what do I know.) I do, however, see them coming in very handy when the hubs and I go out for our anniversary. They could easily pair with a simple dress/skirt to a more sophisticated style.

Donna Heels by Hotter

Donna Heels by Hotter

Hotter has many more styles of shoes available on their website for both Men and Women, ranging from heels to boots and even sandals. These Donna Heels retails at $150 and are available in Standard and Extra Wide.


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5 thoughts on “Donna Heels by Hotter

  • These look so comfortable and like you I am used to flat shoes to go with my outfits. I am sure that my teen would love this brand. She loves to dress up when she goes out. I will definitely be checking out this brand. Thx for sharing!

  • I think I’ve found something to ask for, for Christmas! They are adorable!

  • These are super cute! I would totally wear them, but the price is a bit steep for me at this time in my life (although I probably would’ve paid that 6 years ago – pre-kids hehe)


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