The Night A Dragon Tried To Eat My Husband

One of my favorite genres is Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I love anything that has to do with it – movies, TV shows, video games, etc. I was recently playing through all of the Dragon Age games and killing myself by staying up way too late, then waking up like I had a hangover. That’s when you know you’re getting old. I wasn’t even drinking (most of) those days.

This particular night, I was playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. Anything that has a great imaginative storyline grasps my attention & this game has an awesome one.

Know what else grasps my attention? Dragons, specifically dragonlings or baby dragons.Dragon Age - dragonling They especially grab my attention when I wake up in the middle of the night to one standing next to hubs’s side of the bed about to eat his face off.

The Night A Dragon Tried To Eat My Husband

Say what now?? Yes, a dragonling was about to devour the hubs and I went straight into panic mode. It was just standing there, menacingly. Like it was savoring the moment before having a feast of his flesh.

Now, I wasn’t dreaming. I was fully aware & awake. I kept staring at it, trying to make out in the dark what exactly it was. It was too dark to see any features so all I could make out was a silhouette. I knew it couldn’t be a baby dragon but it didn’t look like one of the kids standing there either. The neck was too curved, long, & skinny and it WASN’T MOVING AT ALL, just staring!

My curiosity got the best of me & I had to see what it was and defend my hubs. Where’s my sword?? Why can’t I cast an Arcane Bolt on it??

I slid out of bed, half hoping that hubs didn’t wake up to this creature standing by him while the other half of me hoped he didn’t catch me creeping out over something that WASN’T a dragonling. How did he not feel the presence of something staring at him in his sleep?!

I tiptoed around the bed, keeping my eyes on this beast, waiting for it to snap it’s head around towards me & pounce. It still didn’t move!

As I crept closer, I still couldn’t make out in the dark what it was and it was freaking me out even more. Did you ever stare at something so hard in the dark that it starts to change shape? Almost 40 years old and I was terrified, y’all!!

I finally worked up the courage to get close enough to see it. I don’t know what I was going to do once I got to it. I had nothing around me that I could use as a weapon. Apparently, I was going to wrestle it like an alligator. I don’t know.

When reality finally set in, I felt both relief & embarrassment. I just knew that hubs was going to wake up to me standing there panicking at this thing & give me his famous look of annoyance & shake his head.

You guys won’t believe what it was that was trying to make a meal out of hubs…..





A freakin’ vacuum with a T-shirt on top of it. Tell me that thing doesn’t look like a tiny dragon!!

I slipped back in bed, hubs oblivious to the whole thing, and I tried to fall back asleep. Even though I knew it was just a vacuum, my body was still in panic mode and I had to calm myself down. I’m pretty shocked that I even got out of bed to look but the fear of something ripping my husband’s face off took over I guess. I still woke up a few times that night looking over at it and felt like crap the next day.

I vowed then & there to not play video games right before bed. Yeah, OK. It didn’t last. I’m dealing with a gaming hangover now as I type this.

After work the next day, I asked hubs how he slept. He said he didn’t sleep so good because he woke up to something staring at him & thought it was a kid for a second before realizing what it really was. I stared at him for a while then started cracking up. I told him my story and he just shook his head at me & mumbled, “Oh my God” then walked away.

I was legit scared & that’s the thanks I get for attempting to be a dragon slayer?! See what happens when a dragon really tries to eat your face off then.

The vacuum went back into the garage the next morning.

Have you had a scare in the dark as an adult? I’d love to hear your story!

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Jess Benoit

Jess is a homeschooling mama of 3, wife, gamer, Whovian, Nerd

4 thoughts on “The Night A Dragon Tried To Eat My Husband

  • I nearly died laughing when you showed it was a vacuum cleaner ROFL. You’ve got quite the imagination there, maybe you shouldn’t play dragon age before bed.

    • HAHAHA…but, seriously, tell me you wouldn’t have thought that as well?! I probably should have mentioned that the vacuum doesn’t normally sit there so it was a shock to wake up to that standing there. LOL

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    I can truly imagine how terrified you were. That is a reason I don’t play these games or read horror books or watch terrifying movies in the evening. The characters follow me into my sleep.

  • Oh my gosh! The details and the feelings you talked about made me flashback on all the nightmares that woke me up!


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