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Holmes® Smart Air Purifier with WeMo Technology

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Holmes® Smart Air Purifier with WeMo Technology

We share a home with two cats and a dog. Even though we sweep at least once a day, it’s a battle. I was pleasantly surprised to hear about the Holmes® Smart Air Purifier with WeMo Technology!

Holmes® Smart Air Purifier, Enabled by WeMo: 

  • Control your home environment without having to think about it
  • Notifies you when air quality is poor and when it’s time to change your filter
  • You can change settings, and control it all from anywhere


Izea.wemo_hand_heater__1_Smart Home technology is the next big thing in gadgets and WeMo is a major player, pairing simple to use, ingenious products with leading brands that let you control and adjust home electronics from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet and the WeMo app.

With WeMo technology the Holmes® brand delivers on the promise of the connected home with simple, scalable home automation solutions that empower consumers to customize, control and manage home electronics from anywhere. WeMo is the most affordable and approachable entry into the smart home and makes managing your home easy.

WeMo comes in handy during life’s We Moments – A “WeMoment” is the feeling of relief in being able to adjust your technology to better your life. Imagine the mom in Connecticut heating her basement from her smartphone without needing to go down into the cold basement to turn on the space heater prior to doing laundry!

Air purifiers can serve as the first line of defense for those suffering from asthma, allergies and other respiratory ailments by removing the airborne micro particles that cause so much discomfort. Air purifiers can also absorb oppressive odors, such as cigarette smoke.

With flu season in full effect managing the spread of germs within the home is a critical task. Air purifiers can reduce harmful airborne germs that stagnant in the home during the winter, include cold and flu viruses.

Despite rigorous cleaning routines many pet owners are still losing the battle to control the pet dander that comes along with their beloved animals. Air purifiers allow pets and allergy suffers to co-exists.

Make sure to check out all of the great Holmes® products!

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