Our 2017 – 2018 Homeschool Curriculum – Plus FREE Math Program!

This school year is the beginning of my 11th year homeschooling. We have slowly begun to fall into routines again that completely disappeared during our Summer break. I had plans of them continuing at least their math program throughout the Summer but that went out the window. Now that September is here, take a look at our 2017 – 2018 Homeschool Curriculum.

Our 2017 - 2018 Homeschool Curriculum

Discovery K12 – free online homeschool curriculum for grades Pre K – 12

Discovery K12 - FREE Online Curriculum

All three of the nerdlings will continue to use Discovery K12 as before. DK12 is always updating and adding new features so they just get better and better.

Each student has their own account and login info. Each school day, the kids sign into their accounts and the assignments for the day is right there, or you can choose the day you are on if you are not on the same day from the sidebar menu – there are 180 days total for each grade level. I suggest keeping track of the day you are on because this is one thing DK12 does not track. Discovery K12 seems to start school every year around September 1st and this school year started on September 4th. We go along with their schedule to make the Daily Assignments easier to keep track of.

One feature I am really excited for is being able to customize each subject level for each student. As of now, each student is assigned a grade level and all subjects fall into that level. If you need to change a certain subject’s grade level, you have to go into the student’s grade level to change it so they can go to that subject’s level. Once they have completed that specific subject for the day, you then have to switch the grade level back. DK12 is working on making customization much easier for us. So far, we haven’t come across the need to change grade levels for certain subjects so we aren’t affected. We all know things change though so stayed tuned!

You can read more about Discovery K12 here.


Since each of the nerdlings are on different math levels than their grade levels suggest, we will continue to use A+ Interactive Math. This will be a first for the teen though since she was using another program that wasn’t really working for her. A+ Interactive Math uses audio, video, and text – ALL of the main learning styles! We are signed up for the Family Plan.

FREE 1-Year Math Curriculum

If you haven’t checked them out before, you can sign up for a FREE 1-Year Math Curriculum with Video Lessons!


Spelling and Vocabulary

This year, The Son & Kid Baker are using a new FREE Spelling and Vocabulary online program for grades K – 8 called Grade Spelling. This is a FREE program which includes spelling placement test, spelling & vocabulary (games, activities & tests), writing lessons, & even novel study guides.

Grade Spelling - A FREE Online Spelling & Vocabulary Program for Grades K - 8

With with Grade Spelling, your child has the ability to govern their own progress and excel at their own pace. With their free placement test, you can earn which grade level your child should use. There are 40 lessons, so one lesson per week. Within each lesson is multiple games, activities, and tests they can choose to work on.

There isn’t a suggested use that I can find so, for now, the kids are just choosing which activities they want to do for each day of a week for that specific lesson. You can choose to do only Spelling or only Vocabulary, or have them do both. Whichever you decide, each list contains both. Higher grades have an optional “Tricky 450” list, which includes more challenging words.

Book Guides can be used along with books your child is already reading and will include words from the book! You can also take a reading comprehension quiz.

Premium members can get much more out of Grade Spelling. They offer a 14 Day Free Trial if interested. Membership is $24.98/year for one student and $34.98/year for up to five students.

First Week Back To School

Our first week back to school was going smoothly until Hurricane Irma decided to make an appearance. Since we live near the East coast of Florida, we were expecting the get hit pretty bad at the beginning. Irma was all over the place and we ended up getting it on the weaker end. We were fully prepared and hunkered down until it blew over. We ended up missing our Friday and Monday lessons because of it so are doubling up on the lessons until we get back on track this week.

We were very fortunate to make it out with just a torn screen on our porch and one single board from our fence fell. We never even lost power, the internet, or satellite. Many people, including most of my Florida family, lost power and are still without it! Last year we lost most of our fence and gate, some parts of the porch screen, and a few large trees fell – one was over onto the neighbor’s fence, leaning over their house! We left for that one and was so glad that we did after we came home to the aftermath.

Last year we lost most of our fence and gate, some parts of the porch screen, and a few large trees fell – one was over onto the neighbor’s fence, leaning over their house! We left for that one and was so glad that we did after we came home to the aftermath.

Have you started your new homeschool year? Do you homeschool year-round or follow the traditional school year?

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2 thoughts on “Our 2017 – 2018 Homeschool Curriculum – Plus FREE Math Program!

  • I know if I had children I would be homeschooling them and not allowing the govt. schools to brainwash them. My sister homeschooled her kids and they are all now college graduates with promising careers.

  • I still take my kids to public school. However, I am encouraged every day when I see curriculum like this available that one day I may be able to homeschool them!


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