Effective Solutions And Tips To Control Hair Loss

*Guest Post By Robert J. Codd

Effective Solutions And Tips To Control Hair Loss

I have always considered myself to be the type of man who takes pride in his appearance. I may not be ready for a photo shoot to be on the cover of GQ magazine, but I like to make sure I always look my best. I wear stylish clothes and good shoes, and I go to the gym three times a week to keep my body in shape. I even moisturize my skin with a fancy, upscale department store brand of facial cream so it maintains a healthy glow (even though I’d never admit that to my friends). While I always thought I was a relatively good looking guy, my confidence in my outside appearance shattered when I looked in the mirror one morning and noticed my forehead was growing larger. In reality, my face wasn’t really growing larger. I was actually losing my hair. I was going bald. As I looked into the mirror horrified at this new discovery, I knew I had to do something to stop myself from becoming a bald guy.

I’m Not Losing My Hair Without A Fight

Along with being the type of guy who takes pride in his appearance, I also consider myself to be a take-charge kind of guy who works hard to find a solution to any problem in my life. That’s why I began researching my hair loss treatment options as soon as I got over the initial shock of realizing I was becoming a bald man. Hair loss was not about to define who I was. I wasn’t going to allow one more strand of hair to fall out without a fight.

There are many options these days to put in your armory, things like lotions, creams, mousses, and solutions. Some work pretty well, but the most effective weapon is a FUE hair transplant, see here for the best hair transplant prices.

If I was going to be a bald man, I was at least going to go down swinging in a blaze of glory.

The Great Internet Search To Find A Solution To My Hair Loss Problem

The Internet was my first stop in finding a solution to my hair loss problem. I grabbed a cup of herbal tea full, logged onto my laptop and began my quest to avoid becoming another bald guy. I quickly learned that I could avoid hair loss by eating a healthy, well-balanced diet chock full of vitamins and nutrients. Since I had already been eating healthy for many years, I knew that wasn’t the solution I was looking for. Then I learned that hair loss can be caused by heredity, but there weren’t any bald men in my family. I even found a website that claimed rubbing avocado on my head could stimulate my hair follicles in a way that promotes natural hair growth. What? That sounded so simple! That’s when I decided to try this all-natural cure for my hair loss problem.

Effective Solutions And Tips To Control Hair Loss

Avocado Makes A Great Dip But Doesn’t Help Hair Loss

After deciding to give the avocado hair loss treatment a try, I headed down to the local grocery store to buy my ingredients. According to the website that claimed avocados were a natural cure to hair loss, all I needed was an avocado, one egg, a few drops of castor oil, and exactly five drops of rosemary essential oil. After purchasing my ingredients, I quickly went home to create this magical sounding hair growth tonic. When I finished creating a weird looking mess using the ingredients I bought at the store, I slathered the concoction onto my head. After sitting there with a smashed avocado on my head for five whole minutes, I felt kind of silly. Nonetheless, I repeated this process over and over, every day for two weeks. After those two weeks, I realized I wasn’t growing hair. But I did suddenly develop quite the appetite for avocado dip. Yum.

Avocados Are Made For Dipping, Not Made To Treat Hair Loss

After realizing the supposed magical avocado hair loss treatment wasn’t as magical as it claimed because I was still losing my hair, I decided that an all natural hair loss treatment might not be right for me. While I can appreciate the healing powers of nature, I am not sure an all natural remedy could help stop me from becoming a bald man. I wanted results, and I wanted them now. The more time I wasted on hair loss remedies that didn’t work, the more hair I was losing. That’s when I decided to give Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery a call.

Finally, A Hair Loss Treatment That Actually Works!

I’ve used Propecia when my hair started to fall out. Within three months, my hair stopped to fall out, and during the sixth month of treatment, my hair started to restore. These effects were described at After the eight month, my hair restored completely, and the hairlines disappeared. I’m satisfied with the drug. I recommended it to my friend, and the drug helped him as well. However, in his case, the effect appeared after two months of treatment. So, Propecia is one of the few drugs that really work.

While my Internet search for the solution to my hair loss problem didn’t help me when it came to the avocado hair loss treatment, it did help point me in the direction of Foundation for Hair Restoration in Miami and New York. They specialize in a variety of effective hair loss treatments. They offer both surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments that effectively solve the problem of hair loss once and for all. With the help of Dr. Jeffrey Epstein and Dr. Anthony Bared, I found a hair loss remedy that worked best for me. Now I can look in the mirror and smile when I see that I am no longer turning into a bald man. My new hair is healthy, thick and strong, and I’ve never felt better about myself. If you are losing your hair and want a solution that will leave you with the great looking hair you deserve, put down the avocados and give Foundation for Hair Restoration a call today.

Robert J. Codd is a men’s health and beauty writer. He completed his degree in California Institute of Technology. He loves to write on a variety of topics such as joint health, men’s health and many more. He loves the latest technology and gadgets.

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